Many people assume that there would be no point in spending the night in such a venue if they are not or have never been someone who finds entertainment in gambling away their hard-earned money in a casino.

However, not only is there plenty of non-gambling related fun to be had at your local casino, but responsible gaming itself can also be thrilling and exciting.

Here is a beginner’s guide to gaming in a casino and the additional entertainment there for you to enjoy.

Avoid Friday & Saturday Nights

No matter where you are in the world, the last thing you want to be contending with while entering a casino for the very first time is large groups of noisy drunks, especially if you are planning on playing a table game.

As a general rule, for your first visit, arrange to meet at the casino either early evening in the week or lunchtime at the weekend, as these tend to be the quietest times (with the exception, of course, of Las Vegas casinos).

If you have neither the time nor the inclination to spend your evening in a busy casino, you could instead consider registering with King Johnnie, an online casino packed full of exciting slot machines and more traditional games too.

Bring Your ID

Gone are the days when you could wander into a random casino while on vacation, for example, and instantly start playing the machines. Now, you will likely be required to register at the desk before you set foot on the casino floor.


The jury is out on whether or not this practice is solely for the security of the players and casino staff or is more of a data-gathering mission. Still, either way, make sure you bring some form of identification with you.

On this note, resist the urge to bring your ATM card and draw out cash to gamble with instead; this way, you can limit yourself to twenty or fifty dollars and not start gambling away your mortgage money from your bank account.

Ask for a Free Lesson at the Tables

With slot or fruit machines, chances are you will quickly be able to work out how to play the games on offer, and if not, there is always a ‘How To’ guide on the touchscreen to teach you the lines and payouts on every bet.


For table games, such as roulette and poker, however, most casinos offer a free introduction to the game. If you feel too nervous to ask, you can always stand back and casually watch a game play out while you get your bearings.

Do Your Research

Finally, not only should you and your friends ensure the particular casino you are planning on visiting is a well-known company, but also remember to do your research on the games on offer and about the refreshments and other facilities.

Usually, there will be a balcony or outdoor area for smokers, and unless you elect to become a VIP member straight away, chances are that soft drinks will be free, but alcohol will cost you.

Consider the volume of games on offer and whether there seems to be more emphasis on table games like blackjack and baccarat than traditional slot machines. Look into the casino’s opening and closing times, whether or not they offer a limited snacks menu, or whether a full menu is always available, and as always, make sure you check out the ratings and reviews before you go.