In today’s world, where environmental concerns are more pressing than ever, the demand for sustainable practices has surged across all sectors. This rise in eco-consciousness opens up numerous opportunities, particularly in eco-consulting. Whether you’re looking to leverage your existing knowledge, make a positive impact on the planet, or just simply earn some extra money, eco-consulting could be the ideal side hustle you’ve been looking for.

So, what exactly is eco-consulting? Eco-consulting involves advising different businesses, organisations, or individuals on how to operate more sustainably. This can range from implementing energy-efficient practices, reducing waste, improving supply chain sustainability, or enhancing overall environmental practices. Eco-consultants analyze current practices and provide recommendations that align with sustainable development goals.

So Why Is It A Good Side Hustle?

Over the more recent years, especially since the pandemic, the demand for sustainability has risen even further. Sustainability is now no longer just a buzzword but a business imperative. Companies across various industries seek different ways to reduce the pesky environmental footprint damaging our planet. This is due to regulatory pressures, consumer demand for green products, and increasing societal focus on climate change. These kinds of demands are becoming hard to ignore. This shift has led to a bulging market for environmental consultants who can guide these companies toward more sustainable operations.

Keeping all of this in mind, the environmental consulting services market is expected to grow significantly. As awareness and enforcement of environmental regulations increase globally, the overall demand for expert advice in this field will surge even more. Eco-consulting is also a very flexible side hustle, and having the power to work around your own schedule can make all the difference in your work. Consultants might need to conduct site visits or even attend meetings during business hours. Still, much of the research, report writing, and communications can be handled during off hours, which is great news for all you busy bees.


Working as an eco-consultant also allows you to have a great impact, one where you are contributing directly to environmental protection and sustainable development. For many people, this can be incredibly fulfilling, especially for people who have a true passion for making a difference to our planet. On top of this, every single industry, whether manufacturing or education, needs to consider its environmental impact. This diversity allows consultants to specialize in areas of personal or professional interest, whether energy, waste management, green building, or any other niche.

Who Can Benefit From Eco-Consulting?

So, who can really benefit from choosing this side hustle? For starters, those already in environmental fields such as environmental science, policy, or engineering all have a head start in the eco-consulting field. Having this kind of background can provide the expertise that these types of clients seek; it can make the whole transition much smoother than someone without this knowledge. In addition, people with extensive experience in a particular industry, such as construction, agriculture, or hospitality, can specialize in eco-consulting within that sector. An industry knowledge combined with a solid understanding of sustainable practices can create a niche market for your overall services.

Individuals in academia or people who are heavily involved in research can leverage their findings and expertise to help provide consulting services that are based on the latest scientific advances and regulatory requirements. As well as this, for those who are studying environmental subjects or are at the early stage of their career just starting off, eco-consulting can be a great way to build up experience, network, and earn all whilst learning, which is any student’s dream.

Getting Started In Eco-Consulting

It’s important to first gain the necessary knowledge and credentials. While a formal degree in environmental sciences or a related field can be beneficial, it’s not always entirely necessary. Certificates such as LEED (Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design), Certified Energy Manager (CEM), or courses on sustainable business practices can also be incredibly valuable. Additionally, staying updated on the latest environmental regulations, technologies, and best practices through continuous learning is essential.


You can train in things like formal education, like considering pursuing degrees in environmental science, ecology or environmental engineering. You could also choose to attend courses and workshops, try enrolling in specialised courses on topics such as sustainable business practices, energy efficiency, waste management, and renewable energy.

Due to the broad nature of this field, specializing in a niche can help you to really stand out and increase your value to specific clients. Whether it’s sustainable agriculture, green real estate, or corporate sustainability reporting, find an area that interests you and where you can offer the very most expertise. Some examples of niche include sustainable agriculture, which focuses on advising agriculture businesses on sustainable farming practices, soil health, and water conservation.

Green Real Estate specialise in eco-friendly building designs, energy efficient systems, and sustainable urban development. Another example includes Corporate Sustainability Reporting, where you help corporations track and report their sustainability metrics, ensuring compliance with regulations and improving their environmental impact.

Any good side hustle requires you to build up a network. Networking is crucial in consulting, try attending industry conferences, join relevant online forums, and connect with professionals in your chosen field. Your network can not only provide leads but also support and supply you with resources, as you grow your consulting practice, creating a professional website and detailing your services, expertise and past projects to really market your services is also essential.

Eco-consulting not only offers a lucrative side hustle opportunity but also allows you to play a part in the global movement towards sustainability. By helping organizations operate more sustainably, you are directly contributing to the environmental well-being of our planet while also embarking on a rewarding and potentially profitable career path.