The online casino landscape is very competitive and cutthroat. There are plenty of people who have tried to make their online casino a success and have found that it’s ended up in the digital graveyard with others that hadn’t quite gotten the recipe for success right. In this dynamic and ever-changing industry, new casinos have to make sure they’re ahead of the game and gaining every advantage they can against their competitors. There are certain strategies that are adopted by new casinos (see here at in the hope that they can not only survive but also thrive. Today we will look at the top 5 strategies adopted by these new casinos to help them gain that all-important competitive advantage.

A Big Games Catalogue

Nothing can lose an online casino player faster than a very limited catalogue of games for them to choose from. Players don’t always want to be playing the same game and sometimes might be coming on to try something new, and if there is a very limited range for them to choose from, simply put, they will go elsewhere. That’s why you will see each and every new casino that comes onto the scene arrive and boast a big game catalogue. Including all of the most popular ones from the major developers and those new ones that some players may never have seen before.

Big Bonuses

A lot of the new casinos are also offering bigger bonuses than ever before, while at the same time ensuring that the wagering requirements are realistic.


Traditionally, a lot of new casinos used to advertise big bonuses and welcome packages, but then, in small print, the terms and conditions would leave wagering requirements for the player to actually withdraw the funds that were unrealistic, eventually causing them frustration and, most of the time, leaving the website and never coming back. They have learned from their lesson, and new casinos now make sure they’re a lot more transparent with the wagering requirements.

A Wide Range of Payment Methods

If a new casino restricts the choice of different payment methods that they accept, they are subsequently limiting the audience they could potentially capture. There is now a wide range of different payment methods that people use, and being able to offer the full range immediately gives new casinos the upper hand as it shows that they’re more accessible and accommodating.

Offer Great Customer Service

Nothing can be more frustrating to a player than if they have a query or a concern and there is nobody to speak to regarding it. This is also a very important part of retaining your current customer base.


New casinos need to make sure that they have accessible and friendly customer support options open to all of their customers to ensure that all problems are sorted out swiftly and that they feel valued, thus increasing customer loyalty.

Offer a Responsive Experience

No more than ever before, people are on the move and want to be able to access what they can at their computer whilst they’re on the road. In this sense, it is absolutely critical that a new casino offer their players the ability to play on smartphones or tablets so that they can enjoy their offerings while on the move.

In Summary

These are just a few of the key strategies employed by new casinos to ensure that they have the best start they can in what is an extremely competitive environment, and it also gives them the best chances of survival and success as a casino and to keep their customers happy.