Very soon, namely on May 14, there will be a global release of Tarisland, a project from Tencent, which should bring another competitor to World of Warcraft into the gaming industry, especially after the withdrawal of the project from Blizzard from China.

The reason was gross violations of the ethnic and cultural foundations of the Chinese region, and the last straw was the addition of dragons as enemies and riding allies.

Tencent immediately took advantage of this, proposing the Tarisland concept, which will immediately be released on both the PC and the Android system, which will add cross-platform functionality to the project and almost continuous Tarisland boost in any conditions.

You can play on PC, switch to your phone or tablet and continue your gameplay from the same place.

It is important to choose a game class that best reflects your character and gaming skills from other projects you have played before.

What a Beginner Needs to Know

In the project from Tencent, six game classes will be available at the start and each of them will have a choice of one of two development paths, which you will provide. Your Tarisland boost will last until level 30 for the release version and then continue with the release of updates.

Quests and dungeons will play a key role, but since there won’t be many starting levels, the main gameplay will come down to obtaining legendary equipment and weapons and, of course, PVP.

Game Classes

All six game types will be balanced and playable at the very beginning.

For each character you will choose one of two development paths and don’t be surprised if one of them is too atypical – this gives the project variety and helps you try new features and ideas in your gameplay from the developers.


This is a classic melee attack class that uses swords as its main weapon and easily goes into rage mode for a quick burst of damage for a short period of time.

This is a distinctive character who easily deals damage to single and multiple targets at the same time and has many skills to destabilize enemies in close combat.

You can choose the attack branch, where you will have all the tools for damage in melee and raids, or defense.

A defensive warrior is a tank, with strong taunt, stun, a shield and all the skills to protect allies, except perhaps self-healing.


This is a classic hero with the most powerful skills in the game, the potential of which depends on your magic attack and level, as well as your mana reserve.

This is the most stable hero for Tarisland boosting due to massive damage.

You can choose the path of fire or ice.

Fire is a classic mage, with massive damage and the ability to leave targets with severe burns and additional combustion that will allow you to deal damage even if you run out of mana, at least for a while.

Ice is single damage with a strong weakening effect that is more effective in PVP and during raids, which will weaken the damage the boss will deal to your allies.

Ice magic allows you to apply the effects of the strongest and most stable slowdown that exists in Tarisland.


This is the most popular tank in any MMO RPG and is known for its combination of high defense and self-healing potential in difficult battles and raids.

You can choose the path of a classic tank, or go the path of an attacking class with a hammer and combine your high defense and attack.


This is a full-fledged shooter with the most stable physical damage due to shooting and the use of attack skills.


The class can choose the direction of the archer, or tame animals, becoming a full-fledged summoner.

The archer will fire at enemies from a long distance and use skills to stun, slow down, mass and single damage to targets.

The Beast Master will summon a jaguar to help him and use it to attack. You will be able to strengthen and heal your pet.

You will direct and supervise him and recall him if necessary. You will also have access to traps, but the most important task for leveling in Tarisland is to control and heal the pet and not be exposed to the main character.


This is a melee hero who is armed with axes, but has a close connection with the power of runes, which he uses to strengthen his weapons and his attacks.

You can choose the path of lightning or storm.

Lightning will help enhance magic attacks and deal damage to multiple targets if they are standing next to each other.

The storm allows you to increase the overall damage and increase the rate of attack, accelerating it over time.


This is the most important hero for any group activity such as raids, mass PVP, group boosting in Tarisland.

This is a magical character who can take the path of defense or attack in his development.


If you choose a defensive class, you will receive a classic healer, who will use single and mass magic to restore health to yourself and your allies and remove negative effects from them.

If you choose to attack, you will become a light mage who will have a set of skills comparable to the power of fire and ice and increased damage to the undead.

You must remember that if you follow the path of an attacking mage, then the requirements for equipment and weapons for comfortable boosting in Tarisland will be the same as for any attacking mage.


This is a utility class that uses musical instruments to replenish mana and health and strengthen itself and allies with buffs and effects.

You can follow the path of the classic bard and be one of the most sought-after classes, without which a raid or PVP will not be complete.

An alternative option would be to become a ranged attack class that deals a combination of magic and physical damage.

Conclusions on Game Classes in Tarisland

Tarisland is a new project that will use standard MMO RPG classes and unique ones like the barbarian with runic power.

You will be able to choose one of two variations of class development and, due to this, uniqueize your gameplay, and sometimes it will be a completely unusual format for the hero.

Choose a light mage, an attacking bard, or a paladin to try a new boosting experience in Tarisland that you may not have encountered before.

If you want to help and not cause damage, then choose a healer, bard, or a tank that is convenient for you.

For attack there is a classic mage, archer and warrior and a custom barbarian.

At the time of the release of the project and the small final possible level, you will have a chance to try out all the characters and make your choice.

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