Apple Pay is one of the most cutting-edge online payment methods right now, in almost any niche, including video games and mobile gaming. If you have more than one device, you can use the same wallet for each of them and if you have a family account, you can share subscriptions and purchases, Also Check Google Pay

It seems that nothing can be made even better but in fact, Apple Pay has even more perks for video gaming.

Apple Pay ensures that your purchases are safe and protected with the help of FaceID, fingerprint, passcode, or all of these, plus, two-factor authentication can be added for certain applications or websites. Even if the device is stolen, at least your money won’t be spent on it.

Apple Pay can be used for any online purchases on platforms that accept it as a payment method, and guess what – most video gaming platforms do. This payment option works well both for monthly or yearly purchases or for one-time in-game payments.

So, what other perks can Canadian players enjoy when paying with Apple e-wallet for their gaming entertainment?

Fast and Streamlined Payments

With Apple Pay, you not only get very fast – instant – transactions, but something as good as that. Convenience and comprehensive instructions are two factors that make Apple Pay better than many other e-wallets. You will never have to add your payment details again and again, which is sometimes a bad idea if you have to pay while in a public place. With TouchID and FaceID, things get even easier.

Enhanced Data Security

Data security is something players can forget about or neglect, especially when they are in a gaming rush and want to get that new game as quickly as possible. However, online payments can be tricky, and also, let’s be honest – even the best and the most reliable platforms fail sometimes, experience errors, or can be breached.


Online payments can be confusing or not safe, especially if the payer is not careful. However, with Apple Pay, the payment details and identity data are safe and are rarely exposed, not to a third party at least. The technology behind it is to keep the data in a special chip inside the device rather than storing them on servers.

Each transaction you make with Apple Pay when paying for your games has a unique code which makes it hard for any fraudster to change it or mess with it somehow.

You Might Enjoy Special Bonuses

Apple Pay as a payment method is in fact so convenient for online merchants like video gaming platforms that some of them offer bonuses to players who pay via this e-wallet. Many casinos that accept Apple Pay offer bonuses to their new customers if the deposit is sent from this e-wallet. If you like playing mobile casino games you will probably enjoy extra perks and bonuses in return for your Apple Pay deposits.

Some mobile game publishers also collaborate with online payment methods, including Apple Pay, directly to engage players and offer them extra advantages. If you find out that your favorite mobile game offers bonuses to players paying their subscription fee via Apple Pay, it is most probably legit and you can go for it.

Moreover, you can use deals like discounts and bundles, even if you don’t use any other gaming products within the Apple ecosystem, just Apple Pay as an e-wallet. And yet, there are even more options for gaming out there.

Apple Arcade Games

Apple has its own segment of mobile games available via the App Store. At the time of writing, there are over 200 game products of various genres and new titles are released all the time.


Playing Apple Arcade and paying with Apple Pay, you get unlimited access to all those games without interruptions, ads, extra purchases, or fees. All games are also available offline across all devices and family members’ devices.

There is a one-month free trial for every subscription mode and you can get a bundle for yourself or a family of up to five people. The games include classics like candy crush or gem crush, endless runners, sports, quests, brain teasers, and so on. Games are updated and new products are being added, but you can check out the upcoming releases as well.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t own an Apple device and don’t want one, it is totally understandable. You are still free to use any e-wallets, pre-paid cards, vouchers, plastic cards, or even e-Checks to pay for your video games. Even cryptocurrency works for some bigger video gaming platforms. However, as a gamer, you need to know your options and Apple Pay is a good one.