The best gaming smartphones are specifically tailored with gamers in mind. Whether you wish to play standard games via apps, mods, or online gaming sites, there are certain features you want to look for. In 2024, smartphone companies are offering upgraded elements that target gamers, including sharp screens with high refresh rates and solid battery life. Explore the top features below to know just what to look for when searching for a new smartphone device.


Gaming smartphones must be powered by the latest and fastest chipsets with GPU for graphics to ensure a quality experience. In the past, players had to settle for 12 GB of RAM. Today’s devices, such as the Nubia RedMagic 8S Pro+ by Android offers a gaming phone with 24 GB of RAM. You can purchase the base model of this device at a lower price, with the option for 16 GB.

The additional RAM gives you more space to explore various gaming apps. You won’t be restricted to gameplay and can enjoy multiple experiences without the need to clear off space for more gaming apps.

Faster and Bigger Displays

Today’s gaming smartphones include a faster display with a larger size for premium visual experiences. Displays on gaming phones have a higher refresh rate than standard devices and include high resolution. No gamer wants to play their favorite titles on a smaller screen with poor resolution.

A good example is the Asus ROG Phone 7, which offers 165 Hz. This device’s high refresh rate makes it a perfect option for gamers. Imagine you like to play Call of Duty on your mobile. You need a high refresh rate to stay on top of gameplay and want high resolution for quality visuals.

Even players who love online casino gaming can benefit from a high refresh rate and resolution. Playing Online pokies is much more fun when you can see the graphics clearly and easily switch in-between slot titles.

Cooling Mechanism

If you are like most people, you use your mobile device for constant gaming. After hours of gameplay, your device will heat up due to the prolonged use. You need to be able to keep it cool, just like you do a gaming computer. You wouldn’t allow your PC to overheat and breakdown, so the same care needs to be considered for a mobile device.


The Nubia Red Magic 3 includes a built-in fan to prevent the device from overheating during an intensive session. As mentioned, you can also use the Asus ROG Phone, but you need an accessory to provide cooling.

Battery Life

Gamers who focus on First-Person Shooter games need a long battery life to stay in the heat of battle. A long-lasting battery is an essential feature that cannot be avoided. For the optimal battery life for gaming, look for devices with 6,500 mAh. This feature can be difficult to find, but it is available. The longer battery life ensures you can keep playing games without having to charge your device.  

The cooling element can also help to enforce a longer battery life. If you have a cooling mechanism, your device won’t overheat and will be able to continue to maintain its battery power.

Shoulder Triggers

With the right gaming smartphone, you can use the device as a portable gaming console. Shoulder triggers are available that function like control keys on a computer. Extend your gameplay with devices that include shoulder triggers to eliminate the need for a game controller attachment.


 The RED MAGIC series is perfect for this, as it offers shoulder triggers and includes a response rate as high as 520 Hz for instant performance.

What’s to Come?

As technology continues to advance, gamers can expect even more advancements in mobile play. Developers are coming up with unique ways to push the mobile experience to the next level, including 3D options. Compatible devices may soon be able to connect to 3D monitors to create a more immersive experience.

Extended and virtual reality are additional components that may soon advance in the mobile gaming world. 2024 into 2025 is the prime time for advancements, and it will be exciting to see how gamers can enhance their gaming sessions with new features on mobile devices or brand-new device releases by top brands like Asus and Nubia.