Ever felt like experiencing country life? On Play My World, we’ve laid out the many reasons why you should give Stardew Valley a try. And you wouldn’t be the last player to be late to the party. Eight years into its release, Stardew Valley has just surpassed 30 million copies sold. The hype surrounding a recent patch is another proof of this incredible longevity.

Completionists and casual players alike have spent hundreds of hours into this oh-so-replayable farming sim, exploring every nook and cranny of the valley. Still, both newcomers and diehard Stardew fans can discover hidden locations and Easter Eggs in every run. So, let’s enter spoiler territory and disclose some of the best secrets in Stardew Valley.

A hungry inhabitant napping in the valley

Unless you need spring onion, you might not venture to the southeast island of Cindersap Forest often. When you do, the appalling state of the city’s sewers may not entice you to come back on the regular. However, you want to go north of the Sewers entrance on a non-rainy day during the third year of your playthrough. There, you will find a strange-looking creature resting by a bush.

You can interact with the Trash Bear to trigger a series of four quests, as it will ask you to bring one edible item at a time. These items comprise two fish or foraged items, followed by two cooked dishes. Once you’ve satiated its appetite, this whimsical bear will reward you with a cutscene while levitating Mary Poppins-style – effectively cleaning up the area near the sewer, among other surprises.

Another gourmet creature to satisfy

Next is another bear story, which unfolds after you’ve found Secret Note #23. You may check comprehensive articles on websites like IGN to browse the 25 Secret Notes hidden throughout the valley and learn how to solve their puzzles. In the case of the “Strange Note” quest, you shall head left of Cindersap Forest and enter the Secret Woods any day between 6 and 7 PM.

Don’t forget to carry Maple Syrup in your inventory, as the gluttonous bear living in the forest has a sweet tooth.


Once you’ve delivered the bear what it craves, it will share its special knowledge about foraged berries. Obtaining the Bear’s Knowledge makes the price of Blackberries and Salmonberries triple, proving yet a stronger incentive to forage around the valley in Spring and Fall.

A galactic weapon appearing out of thin air

As you progress through the Joja route or complete Community Center bundles, you will unlock access to surrounding locations like the Calico Desert. Once you step out of the bus, you may notice a strange alignment of pillars on the northeastern corner of the map. Come back with a Prismatic Shard and enter the centermost tile while holding that precious crystal to unleash the true power of the three pillars.

Upon doing so, you will receive a Galaxy Sword, one of the mightiest weapons in the game, bar the Galaxy Hammer that subsequently unlocks in the Adventurer’s Guild shop. Obtaining a Galaxy Sword will make your life easier as you navigate the monster-infested Skull Cavern. Be careful not to pass out and lose it to spare the 50,000g Marlon sells it for.

A hidden spot for high rollers

A gaming haven awaits within the Oasis in the Calico Desert. Concealed within the store’s backroom lies a casino owned by Mr. Qi, whose entrance is guarded by a bouncer. From reaching level 25 of the Skull Cavern to placing beets inside the Mayor’s fridge, you must complete a series of tasks to get the Club Card necessary to gamble away at slot machines and CalicoJack tables. The Qi coins you earn can be exchanged for exclusive items.

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There are too many secrets awaiting in Stardew Valley to keep count, not forgetting those included in the recent 1.6 update. Most secrets you may discover organically, so get cracking on your next Stardew run!