If there’s one game that is popular among people of all ages (particularly children and teenagers) that was Minecraft. That’s all because this game encouraged them to hone their creative skills and think of innovative ways to build different structures.

Besides that, they were also given the opportunity to develop mobs, mods, skins, and many other things. Although the graphics are relatively plain and ordinary, it still didn’t prevent people all around the world from playing it.

Now, if you have never played that game before, yet you’re planning on doing so, then bear in mind that in order to have a smooth gaming experience, you need to pick the right Minecraft server.

But how will you be able to tell which one is the best? There are different features that need to be considered during this process and below, we will tell you which ones should be prioritized.

Start From The Reputation & Age

One of the best indicators that a particular server offers high quality and is generally very secure and stable is having a good reputation. Aside from that, you should focus on the age too! Both of these elements will show you whether a particular Minecraft server is worth your time or not.

The ones that have been around for quite some time, most likely have a lot of experience when it comes to this game and are familiar with a variety of different features that it has. When selecting a particular server, you should opt for the one that is a mixture of various things.

What do we mean by that? It means that it has a proven track record and that people are generally satisfied with it, plus that even though it’s not a brand-new server, it is ready to embrace the latest innovations when it comes to this game.

Is it even possible to find that type of server? According to avid Minecraft lovers, Minecraft anarchy servers are generally like that, which is why they are very popular among gamers. With their servers, you’ll be able to have a phenomenal multiplayer experience.

It’s Supposed To Be Cost-Effective

There’s no need to remind you that running a server requires a certain amount of money. But that doesn’t instantly mean that you’re supposed to blow your budget in order to run it properly. Generally speaking, finding an affordable Minecraft server isn’t all that difficult, hence you should take your time to do your homework to find the one that’s not going to break the bank.

Keep in mind that it’s essential to properly manage the expenses of your server. It wouldn’t hurt to invest your money in things like mods, plugins, customization opportunities, and many others. If you opt for a server that isn’t too pricey, it means that the players will be able to play this game without worrying too much about expenses, which means that they’ll be a lot less stressed out about the financial aspect of it.

At the end of the day, the point is to create an experience that’s not only going to be beneficial for you but for the users too.

Server Performance & Hardware

Server performance is one of the most integral aspects because if it doesn’t perform well, you’re not going to be able to have a seamless gaming experience. Another thing that influences everything is the quality of the hardware.


Namely, it affects load times, latency, and many other elements. Furthermore, there are three factors that contribute to the performance of the server, and they include RAM, SSD storage, and processing power.

Don’t Forget High Clock Speed

So what does this mean? Namely, high clock speed can make a drastic difference when it comes to playing this game. It means that the system is capable of doing more calculations per a single second.

In other words, it’s going to enhance performance and, at the same time, provide gamers with an unforgettable gaming experience. If you plan on hosting several players, then high clock speed is going to become even more relevant because it lowers latency and takes the entire gaming experience up a notch.

Don’t forget that every single player must have their own set of calculations in order to run this clock the right way. That’s precisely the main reason why high clock speed is so pivotal.

The Type Of Server That You Need

In order to make the best possible decision when it comes to the Minecraft server, you first need to determine what type of server you are searching for. For example, in the online world, you can stumble upon Vanilla servers that provide users with the original Minecraft experience.

So what do we mean by that? It means that these servers normally do not have any specific modifications or extra plugins. On the flip side, there are servers such as Bukkit that can be modified, meaning that they will enable server owners to download different plugins and implement additional, interesting gameplay features and customization.

Last, but not least, you have modded servers that are in fact very interesting because they drastically change the gameplay, and simultaneously, introduce to users brand-new content. With that being said, as you can see, there are several options at your disposal as far as the type of server is concerned.

You first need to go through all the features they have to offer, to conclude which type suits you the most.

Nothing Without A Fast Connection

Even if you play the most amusing and interesting game, if the connection is very slow, then you’re not going to be able to fully enjoy it and it’s going to ruin the entire experience. When a connection is too slow, in most cases, players aren’t able to join servers and also to interact with one another.


Bear in mind that when you’re playing on servers with a high mod or texture, you will need more bandwidth. Without it, you will eventually lose all your data.

The internet world offers a plethora of options when it comes to this, which can frequently be overwhelming to a lot of people. Therefore, today we decided to single out the most crucial factors that must be considered if you want to have a fantastic gaming experience.