Nintendos have been a part of the lives of many people for quite some time. If you’re someone who grew up with Nintendo, then you know all about the games and the consoles that have come out over the years. You’ll also know how timeless they are-even now, there are new games coming out for Nintendo! If you’ve never played one before, maybe now is your chance to pick one up!

How Nintendo has changed the gaming industry

Nintendo has impacted the gaming industry in a number of ways. For one, they’ve popularized gaming as a mainstream activity-before Nintendo, gaming was seen as something that was only for kids.

They’ve also helped to create new genres of games-for example, the Mario series helped to create the platforming genre. Finally, they’ve consistently pushed the envelope when it comes to graphics and gameplay, which has led to more immersive gaming experiences.

Why do people love Nintendo so much

People love Nintendo for a variety of reasons. One is that the games are always family-friendly-you can play them with your friends and loved ones without worrying about any content that might be unsuitable for children.

Nintendo also has a wide variety of games available, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re into action games, puzzle games, or role-playing games, you’ll be able to find a Nintendo game that suits your taste.

Finally, people love Nintendo because the company always strives to create unique and innovative gameplay experiences. With each new console, Nintendo pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming, and this has resulted in some of the most popular and well-loved games of all time.

Nintendo Switch

In 2017, Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a hybrid console that can be played both at home and on the go. It features a 6.2-inch capacitive touch screen and long-lasting batteries, allowing players to enjoy games in a variety of different settings.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL was also released in 2017. This handheld console has a clamshell design with a built-in 3D display and no 3D camera, making it the perfect option for players looking to get into the action without spending too much money or lugging around heavy gear.

Whether you’re a longtime Nintendo fan or you’re just getting started, there’s a Nintendo console perfect for you.

Farming games Nintendo Switch

Farming games are a great choice for those who enjoy playing on their Nintendo Switch. Some popular examples include Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. These games allow players to live out their farming fantasies without all of the hard work.

Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, you start off as a newcomer to a small town with a major secret-the world is actually a bleak and magical place suddenly cast into darkness. You’re tasked with settling down on your grandfather’s old farm and turning it into the lively country life that it once was.

Harvest Moon

If you like Stardew Valley but prefer something less complex, then you might want to give Harvest Moon a try. This game is set in the countryside, where you play as a farmer who helps his grandfather revive an old farm. The series has been around since 1996 and offers plenty of options for players looking for something lighthearted.

Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing, you’ll move into an idyllic town populated by anthropomorphic animals. As you explore your new home, you’ll be able to collect items, decorate your home, and befriend the locals. The game features a real-time clock that dictates what events happen when, so there’s always something new to do.


We all love Nintendo; we can’t get enough of the games and systems that they put out. If you’re looking for a new console, then keep this in mind-Nintendo never goes out of style!