Anime culture is characterized by great productivity. Hundreds of projects are released every year. It becomes almost impossible to keep track of everything. In this selection, we have collected the best, most beloved, and most influential anime series that are distinguished by intriguing plots, interesting characters, and masterly animation.

Steins Gate, 2011

An anime adaptation of the game Steins; Gate and the visual novel by the authors of 5pb. And Nitroplus. To the sound of cicadas in the town of Akihabara. 18-year-old scientist Rintaro Okabe fights a global conspiracy. Along with him on his team are cosplayer Myuri Sina, otaku hacker Itaru Hashida, and genius girl Kurisu Makise. Enthusiasts from the world of science assembled a time machine from a microwave and technical waste and called it “Stein’s Gate.” So a group of experimenters created a time paradox. Using a time machine, they continually change the course of events. That leads to unpredictable consequences.

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Made in Abyss, 2017

The action of “Made in the Abyss” takes place in a parallel world. Not far from the area where the children Rico and Reg live, there is a deep abyss that scientists and archaeologists have been studying for years. The abyss has become a haven for wonderful creatures and a source of minerals, but it cannot be fully explored – many daredevils tried to get to its bottom, but no one returned alive. One of the missing was Rico’s mother. The girl and her friend Reg decide to rescue her mother from the abyss and search for her.


The combination of childish, naive perception with the cruelty of the challenges of fate and mysterious encounters with the creatures of nature distinguishes this anime. The children’s adventure takes place under fear, horror, and despair, but they don’t care. Their hearts are full of hope, and their eyes explore the new world with sincere curiosity.

Trigun, 1998

The space western from the 90s remains relevant to this day. Setting: a desert planet called “No Man’s Land” – an intermediate point on the galactic map. Vash Stampede, a kind young man in a red cloak who has the unique superpower of causing a hurricane, has settled here. Because of his superpowers, he does not take root in any society; storms frighten people, so the hero is subjected to persecution and constant battles with mercenaries. In addition to fun adventures across the deserts, Vash dives into the secrets of his origins and restores his erased memory.

In 2023, a remake of the series “Trigan: Hurricane” was released – an equally bold and fascinating show with dynamic animation and a competent balance of comedy and drama.

Evangelion (Shin Seiki Evangelion), 1995-1996

“Evangelion” is one of the most widely circulated anime series, which has deservedly gained popularity. The anime creator, Hideaki Anno, combined complex philosophical reflections, psychoanalytic theories, and a noir-fantasy plot with the mecha anime genre in his work. Due to its complex narrative, Evangelion remains timeless to this day, and its ending is still controversial among fans.


In the story, the world has plunged into chaos. Huge Angels attacked humanity. To protect people, scientist Gendo Ikari created the organization Nerv, which assembles giant robots under the code name “Eva,” capable of defeating giant monsters. However, only teenagers can operate robots due to the sensitivity of their nervous system. One of the pilots is the son of a scientist, Shinji Ikari, who is experiencing grief over his deceased mother.

He, along with the lively girl Asuka and the melancholy Ayanami Rei, must defend the city of Tokyo-3 and prevent another apocalypse. However, the creatures’ attacks are not as terrible as the sinister plans of the scientists – Gendo is secretly preparing an experimental transformation of the human race.