Let us journey back in time to witness athletes competing in ancient arenas. Chariots thundering around a racetrack. Muscular wrestlers grappling for victory, and runners sprinting barefoot across sandy tracks. Now, fast forward to today’s world, where you can battle virtual dragons with a joystick. You can score goals in packed stadiums or race cars at lightning speeds without even leaving your couch. You can witness these ancient scenes through themed slots at Bet22.

That’s the incredible journey we’re about to embark on. Comparing ancient and modern games, from the dusty tracks of Olympia to the high-tech thrills of eSports. Buckle up, sports fans, and let the games begin.

Ancient Olympics: Where it All Started

Over 2,700 years ago, in a sunny Greek valley called Olympia, the first Olympic Games were played. It sparked a passion for competition that’s still burning bright today.

• Events like sprinting, wrestling, boxing, javelin throwing, and chariot racing tested strength, speed, and agility.

• Winners were crowned with olive wreaths, seen as heroes, and even had poems written about them!

• The games honoured Zeus. He was the king of the Greek gods. He is also beloved to have brought together athletes from all over Greece to compete in a spirit of peace and unity.

Modern Olympics: A Global Celebration

The modern Olympics was first held in 1896. It revived the ancient tradition and transformed it into a worldwide spectacle.

• Athletes from over 200 countries compete in a dazzling array of sports. From swimming and gymnastics to snowboarding and fencing.

• The Olympic flame, lit in Greece, travels around the world. This symbolizes the spirit of friendship and competition.

• The games showcase the incredible abilities of athletes and inspire people of all ages to push their limits and achieve their dreams.

Ancient Games: Up Close and Personal

In the ancient world, games were often rough and rugged, with few rules and plenty of drama.

• Imagine standing feet away from charging chariots. Feeling the heat of the sun on your skin as wrestlers grapple in the sand. Or hearing the roar of the crowd as javelins soar through the air.


• Spectators were part of the action, cheering on their favorites and even throwing flowers or snacks to show their support.

Modern Games: High-Tech Thrills

Modern games have evolved with technology, offering a more immersive and exciting experience for fans.

• Giant screens capture every detail in slow motion. While cameras zoom in on the athletes’ faces, revealing their emotions and determination.

• Virtual reality headsets transport you to the heart of the action. They let you experience the thrill of the game from the athlete’s perspective.


• eSports, where players compete in video games, has become a global phenomenon. It has drawn millions of fans and blurred the lines between physical and virtual sports.

Logging In to New Worlds

Video games have revolutionized the way we play, opening up endless worlds of adventure and imagination.

• From exploring fantastical realms to battling online with friends, video games offer endless challenges and opportunities. It can help bolster teamwork and creativity.