Real Betis vs Real Madrid Stats

In the ever-thrilling world of football, few match-ups stir the pot like Real Betis vs Real Madrid. I’m here to delve into the stats that define this intense rivalry. From victories to defeats, goals scored to cards earned, I’ll be your guide through the numbers that shape this iconic sporting clash.

The stats don’t just tell us who’s winning. They reveal the strategies, strengths, weaknesses, and even the drama behind each match. So strap in, football fans. We’re about to take a deep dive into the heart of this Real Betis vs Real Madrid saga, one stat at a time.

Match Overview

Date and Venue

Cast your mind back to January 24th, 2021. The venue – none other than the grand Estadio Benito Villamarin in Seville – home turf of Real Betis. The atmosphere was palpable, electric even, despite the COVID-19 restrictions. Irrespective of the perceived home advantage and the roaring passion of local fans, stats show games could swing either way.


On the left corner, wearing the green and white stripes – Real Betis, the Andalusian pride. Known for their sporadic defense and swift counter-attacks, they were keen on engraving their prowess on the match.

But towering in the opposite corner in their iconic all-white kit was Real Madrid, embodying grandeur and a history of phenomenal wins. With players like Karim Benzema, their forward line was a categoric threat.

As the teams lined up for kick-off, the tension between the two sides was palpable. The hopes and dreams of millions of viewers worldwide were hanging on the next 90 minutes of play. Going through past games, one could never predict the outcome with certainty. That’s part of what makes this rivalry, and indeed football, so riveting.

As we delve deeper into the details of the match, we’ll explore particular moments that defined the game. We’ll see how the strategies played out and how unforeseen mistakes influenced the scoreline. Whether you’re a stats geek or a hardcore fan, there are little gems of insight to glean from every aspect of the match.

This match between Real Betis and Real Madrid was not just another high-stakes game. It was a clash between distinct playing styles, between tradition and innovation, between steadfast defense and relentless offense. And this is precisely what we’ll unpack in our detailed anatomy of this unforgettable match.

Team Form

Let’s move on to a crucial aspect of the game that’s often overlooked: team form. This element plays a vital role in any match, shaping the tactics and outcomes. Since we’re delving into the anatomy of the Real Betis vs Real Madrid clash, it’s key to consider the form of both teams. Form, in this regard, takes into account the performances, wins, losses, and draws that each team has had leading up to the match.

Real Betis

Real Betis has always been known for having a fierce competitive streak. Leading up to the match against Real Madrid, they were in good form. They’d had a fairly successful run in domestic matches with a balanced mix of wins, draws, and losses. Their strength resided in their flexibility, capable of alternating between defensive and offensive play styles as required.

They’d honed their counter-attack over the preceding months with remarkable results. Their passing accuracy had improved significantly, adding a precision element to their game-play that had been absent in previous seasons. Additionally, their set pieces had been near-perfect, providing them with an edge during crucial game-deciding moments.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid, on the other hand, had taken the football world by storm. Their form leading up to the match was nothing short of exceptional. With an impressive winning streak in La Liga, they were seen as the favorites to win the face-off against Betis.

Their biggest strength was their rock-solid defense. They had the fewest goals conceded in the league, which emphasized their defensive prowess. Their penchant for possession-based football, accompanied by quick, devastating attacks, had served to unsettle many adversaries in the lead-up matches. The lethal combination of ruthless defense and quick-fire attack put them in a strong position going into the clash against Real Betis.

The magic of football lies in its unpredictability, though. And even with Real Madrid’s solid form leading up to their meeting with Betis, the beautiful game has shown time and again that it likes to side with the underdogs. Stay tuned as we delve into the events of the match itself.