The field of online casinos is growing at an extremely fast pace. Recent investigations suggest that approximately 25 percent of the worldwide population systematically plays online gambling games, and over 3 billion people enjoy these activities at least one time a year. It is no surprise that there are so many options available for those interested in playing online roulette or any iGaming game.

Imagine only that the first iGaming platforms brought an old tradition to the digital age. Over the years, these platforms have evolved significantly, incorporating technological improvements and new options for playing.

However, the passion for casino visiting stays the same and is now easily accessible on various devices if you have an internet connection. If you are interested in joining the tons of casino fans around the globe, we have prepared some games that have unexpected popularity among modern players.


Most quality casinos always offer this game in their collection. Probably, it is one of the aged gambling activities that started its way when the famous scientist created the roulette game.

This game attracts numerous players thanks to its simple rules. Roulette fans should remember the following aspects:

  • The table has 37 numbers;
  • There is a zero on the table (if it is the American variant, there should be an additional option);
  • Players must select an individual number or their groups prior to the wheel will start to spin;
  • It is a game that is practically based on fortune, so you should keep in mind the variability of odds and wager options.

Video Poker

Another representative of the casino area is video poker. It is an activity where you will find a combination of chances and poker with 5 cards. It is really similar to playing slots because this game is played on special machines at brick-and-mortar casinos. However, video poker is a mix of luck and skills because you should know the guidelines of usual poker.


What is interesting is that it has up to 99 percent of RTPs, but you should be skilled and informed enough. Moreover, this gambling activity has different alternatives to try.


If you enjoy playing lottery games, you might want to consider giving keno a try. In this game, you pick your preferred numbers from a range of one to eighty, with the limit of numbers you can opt for varying from type to type. After selecting your numbers, you wait for them to be represented from a container packed with balls. Does this sound familiar to you? Do not be surprised! It is one of the prior games available online, believed to be more than 1,500 years old.

Sic Bo

If you are looking to add some variety to your dice games, you might want to try Sic Bo. This Chinese activity is played with 3 dice in place of 2. Some widespread wager options are the total score of these dice, various figures, triples, and other possible combinations, including a pair of cubes.


The game gained popularity when it was introduced in several real casinos throughout the European Community and the USA.