The game Aviator, despite its simplicity, has a large number of interesting features and tricks. In order to get acquainted with each of them and then test them, you need a lot of time. For this reason, thematic articles and videos, of which there are quite a few on the Internet, will help. But this article contains basic information about the types of levels in the game Aviator. The information below will suit the player who uses to make money on the game any site, such as

In the game Aviator, the gameplay is as simple as possible – the round starts after a minute, at the moment when all players have made bets. As you gain height, the coefficient by which the player’s bet is multiplied grows. Making a cashout is necessary until the moment when the plane flies away, which will inform the appropriate inscription on the screen of the monitor or mobile device. This is the whole gameplay; as you can see, the gameplay is as simple as possible, but it contains a few peculiarities. The whole game can be divided into several levels.

Level One

This level includes rounds that do not last very long. Their peculiarity is that the coefficient that the player sees in front of him ranges from 2 to 10. These are small odds, but these are the numbers that players see most often. Ideal for players who do not want to risk much.

Level Two

Level two refers to rounds where players can cash out when the odds are over 10. At the same time, the maximum odds at this level are around 50.


Such numbers are seen by players less frequently than at level one but are relatively rare.

Level three

The maximum, the highest level in the game Aviator. The rarest level is reached in those moments when the coefficient begins to exceed 50. In very rare cases, you can even catch a super rare coefficient, which will be above 100.

How Do I Use This Information?

The classification used above is used by a large number of users who play Aviator. Some players subdivide the available levels into an even larger number for greater convenience. For example, there is an even higher level – when the coefficient in the round becomes higher than 100. Caught it is extremely rare – once every few tens or even hundreds of rounds. However, when it rolls, the winnings more than cover possible losses from previous rounds. In addition, the pleasure of such a win is almost impossible to describe.


The game is built entirely on the random number generator. That is, the result of a particular round is generated completely randomly at the same time at the start of this drawing. It would seem that the creators of the game want to earn the highest possible amount, so they will be using scripts to increase the number of losses among the players.

However, this is not the case. To confirm this information is quite easy. Any player, after logging in to the site of the selected online casino (1win Aviator is a good example), can open the history of rounds. With its help, you can see the following:

  • The time at which the round was held. It automatically adjusts to the user’s time zone.
  • The odds at which the plane flew away, i.e., the maximum odds in the round.
  • The number of participants who made bets.
  • The total amount of winnings. Here the total number from all bets on which the players made a cashout is indicated.

After reading this information, a simple conclusion can be made that players, firstly, have no problem winning cashouts in each round. Secondly, players can easily see and calculate for themselves how often a particular odds fall. In short, the first level occurs quite often, about 70 percent of the time. The second level is less frequent, accounting for about 25% of all cases. The remaining 5% of rounds are level three. Among these, 5% is an even rarer coefficient of 100 and above. It happens once every few hours, which is less than 0.5% of all rounds.