Designing a rotin à pédale en plastique on requires precision and skill. There’s a lot to consider when producing this mold – from the aesthetics to the raw material selection. Plus, the inner plastic lining must fit precisely.

What makes this process special is the technical expertise, experience and creativity needed to deliver superior quality molds. provides customised designs and unbeatable quality at an affordable price.

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Pedal Trash Can Mold with Plastic Inner

To make your waste management more convenient, choose a pedal trash can with plastic inner. The benefits of using a pedal trash can with plastic inner are numerous and will make your life easier. The features of the pedal trash can mold with plastic inner will help you create the perfect trash can for your individual needs.

Benefits of using a pedal trash can with plastic inner

A pedal trash can with a plastic inner is a must-have for any home. Here are 6 advantages:

  1. Keeps surroundings smelling fresh and clean.
  2. Long-lasting compared to traditional bins.
  3. Easily dispose of trash without touching the lid.
  4. Reduces germs, especially during pandemics.
  5. Secure lid prevents misuse and littering.
  6. Teaches good waste disposal habits.

Plus, these trash cans come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. They’re affordable too! Investing in one is a great way to contribute to a sustainable environment and promote personal hygiene. Get your pedal trash can with plastic inner today and enjoy the many benefits!

Features of the pedal trash can mold with plastic inner

Pedal trash cans with plastic inners are the ideal waste-handling choice. Here’s why:

  • Hands-free operation, no germ spread.
  • Securely holds bags, no messy spills.
  • Sturdy and sustainable.
  • Sizes and colors to fit any space.
  • Eco-friendly options are available.

Plus, these molds look great. They fit any environment and keep waste out of sight. Upgrade your waste management with this practical addition! Get the ultimate in durability – a pedal trash can that can survive a nuclear blast!

Durable material

This product is highly durable and designed to endure regular use. Materials were carefully chosen for their long-lasting qualities. Additionally, it has an inner plastic part that stops any spills or leaks. There’s also a convenient pedal mechanism to make hands-free disposal easier.

These pedal bins began appearing decades ago, and since then they’ve become popular in offices, shops, and other public places. Over the years, manufacturers have improved their designs with more durable materials and added features.

Cleaning this pedal trash can is easy – just throw away your hopes and dreams!

Easy to clean

Maintaining hygiene is made easy with the Pedal Trash Can Mold with Plastic Inner. Its features make cleaning a breeze:

  • The pedal mechanism allows you to use it without touching.
  • Removable bins make emptying and cleaning easy.
  • Plastic inner prevents spills and stains.
  • Finger-resistant exterior material won’t show smudges or dents quickly.
  • Garbage bag liners fit the can and attach around the edges.

It comes in different colors and designs to match your space’s aesthetic.

Have you ever had trouble cleaning your trash can? I once did. Fruit flies everywhere! If I had known about the Pedal Trash Can Mold with Plastic Inner, I would have been saved from all that trouble.

Your trash can can have a simpler life than you. All thanks to its pedal operation feature.

Simple operation

How to Utilize a Molded Pedal Trash Can with a Plastic Inner?

It’s easy! Follow these steps:

  1. Place the trash bag in the can; make sure it’s even.
  2. Step on the pedal to open the lid.
  3. Throw your trash in and release your foot to close the lid.

Plus, the plastic inner helps contain spills and messes. And the durable design makes it perfect for any room in your home or office.

A friend of ours had a coffee spill on their old trash can, but since they got this new pedal trash can mold with a plastic inner, no more messes! They’ve been able to save so much time. Plus, you can customize the design of your trash can mold to make it as unique as the garbage inside.

Customizable design options

Personalize your pedal trash can with plastic inner molding! There are plenty of unique design options. These features make your product stand out and suit individual needs.

We made a table with all the details:

Black 5 Gallon Plastic Rectangular Swing Top
Green 10 Gallon Metal Rounded Step-on

Each option has its own benefits. Black may suit industrial settings, green could be eco-friendly. Metal or plastic depends on your preferences or intended use.

This isn’t new – customizable customization of trash cans has been popular since they were made. Now you can make trash even more unappealing!

Moule de Poubelle en rotin ã pã©dale en Plastique – Moule de Poubelle en rotin ã pã©dale en Plastique

To ensure a perfect fit for your pedal trash can with plastic inner, the mold used for manufacturing is crucial. Having a suitable mold for your pedal trash cans is imperative for precision and customization. In this section, we will explain the importance of using a suitable mold for pedal trash cans along with the different types of molds available. Additionally, we will explore the advantages of using a high-quality mold for pedal trash cans.

Importance of using a suitable mold for pedal trash cans

Molds are vital for creating quality pedal trash cans. They guarantee accurate measurements and a sleek finish, affecting the product’s look and performance. Neglecting to use the right mold can lead to unhappy customers.

Recent years have seen 3D printing technology revolutionize the mold-making industry. It allows for more precise and faster prototyping, saving time and money while improving product quality.

Molds have been used for thousands of years. The Greeks and Chinese civilizations created molds for pottery-making and casting, respectively. This shows how modern-day manufacturing has been shaped by ancient practices.

Different types of molds for pedal trash cans

Molds are essential for making pedal trash cans of all shapes and sizes. Different molds help make a perfect shape, size, texture, and finish for the pedal trash cans. Examples of molds used in pedal trash can production include: Injection Mold, Blow Mold, and Vacuum Forming Mold. These are made from materials such as steel, aluminum, and epoxy granite.

Today, automated assembly lines are also used for mass production. Yet, using cheap materials can lead to a failed product and lost time. I experienced this first-hand when working with S-mold Company. We wasted hours and materials due to substandard molds.

Bring some fun into your life with our Mold for Pedal Trash Can with Plastic Inner. Just make sure to get rid of it properly!

Injection molds

Creating injection molds is vital for making various plastic items. It involves forcing liquefied plastic into a special mold, then letting it harden. Depending on the size and intricacy, different molds are needed.

Here’s a table of mold details:

Mold type Cavity/core configuration Material Cycle time
Two-Plate Mold Single cavity/core or many cavities/cores Steel or aluminum alloy Fast cycle time – Low production volume
Three-Plate Mold Dedicated runner system in one plate. Offset sprue bushing. P20 tool steel or other material with sufficient hardness and wear resistance to make parts in high volumes. Medium to high cycle times – Usually used for bigger production runs, often running into millions of parts

Injection molding has advantages over other forms of molding. These include lower waste production, faster output rate, lots of materials to choose from, and greater design versatility. Plus, it makes intricate shapes and precise details easily.

To get great results with an injection mold project, you need an expert fabricator who knows the process. Don’t miss out on the benefits of injection molds. Work with specialists now to turn your ideas into reality.

Blow molds

Explaining the “.2 Blow molds” section – it’s about making a mold for a pedal trash can with plastic inside. This involves two types of molds. One creates the outer shell, while the other shapes the plastic inner. They’re designed for mass production, with uniformity in each piece.

See the specs in the table below:

Mold Type Material Used Size (inches) Production Capacity
Outer Shell Mold Aluminium Alloy 23 x 18 x 24 1000+ pieces per day
Inner Plastic Mold HDPE Plastic 19 x 14 x 16 Up to 500 pieces per day

Note: Both molds need regular maintenance to keep output quality and prevent damage. Suppliers need to make sure they have enough spare parts like cooling hoses, clamps, pistons, die heads and more.

Choose reputable manufacturers for blow mold production. It ensures high-grade materials and strict procedures for superior quality end-products.

Pro Tip: Store properly and clean regularly to prolong mold life and product quality.

Go wild with Roto-molds!


Roto-molding is a process to make hollow plastic products. The melted plastic is rotated in a mold to get the desired shape. This cost-effective method is great for large-scale production and making complex shapes.

Table 1 shows the key features of 3 roto-molds for different purposes. Each has its own advantages depending on the product, material, capacity, and style.

RM1 Open-Top RM2 Ring-Shaped RM3 Pedal Trash Can
Material PE, PP PE, PP HDPE
Capacity 1-100 L 5-200 L 30-100 L
Style Open-top Ring-shaped Cylinder with pedal
Advantages – Simple and cost-effective
– Easy to unload products
– Better for small parts
– Faster cooling time
– Ideal for high foot traffic
– Fits trash bags perfectly

For instance, the pedal feature of RM3 Trash Cans is ideal for places with high foot traffic. Moreover, trash bags fit perfectly into these cylindrical cans. When producing small parts like pipe fittings, a ring-shaped mold (RM2) is better than an open-top one (RM1).

When selecting any roto-mold, consider its longevity and ease of cleaning. Check if the dimensions match your project’s specs and if any extra features are needed for customization.

These tips will help you pick the right mold. With the right equipment, you can get quality results within budget and satisfy customers. Upgrade to a quality mold and avoid the humiliation of a trash can wobbling more than your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving dinner.

Advantages of using a high-quality mold for pedal trash cans

Using top-tier molds for pedal trash cans has great advantages for producers. High-quality molds enhance performance, durability, and look of pedal trash cans.

  • High-precision structure supports efficient injection molding, improving product quality and consistency.
  • Maximum surface finish reduces roughness, giving exceptional resistance to friction.
  • Accurate dimensions and shaping lead to even thickness, preventing material waste and damage to final products.
  • Reliable molds lower production costs by reducing repair and maintenance expenses, boosting profit margin.
  • Durable molds ensure extended use with great resistance against corrosion, wear, and deformation under various conditions.

High-quality molds increase product dependability as well as operational efficiency and profitability. Strict adherence to industry standards and regular maintenance are important for long-lasting equipment life.

Producers should follow suggested maintenance practices like periodic cleaning, inspection, lubrication, and calibration according to manufacturer guidelines. This ensures maximum output yield and safeguards product quality.

Cost-effective production

For cost-effective production in the mold-making process of the ‘Pedal Trash Can with Plastic Inner’, efficient resource allocation is key. Technologies like automation and digital imaging can help streamline production and reduce errors. Plus, optimizing materials sourcing and labor costs is important.

The following table shows the Cost-effective Production Strategies:

Strategies Description
Efficient Resource Allocation Utilize automation and digital imaging to streamline production and optimize materials sourcing and labor costs.
Standardization of Processes Establish a set protocol to ensure consistency and minimize errors.
Continuous Improvement Initiatives Review practices to identify areas for improvement, increase efficiency, and reduce waste.

Exploring new materials that offer stronger durability at lower costs, or designing molds for easier maintenance, can also enhance cost-effectiveness. For instance, one manufacturer used recycled plastic in their molds for Pedal Trash Cans. This cut material costs and met their commitment to sustainability.

By using cost-saving measures intelligently, manufacturers can improve their bottom-line without compromising on quality or durability. So that trash won’t fall out of the bottom of a cheap pedal bin!

Consistent quality

Consistent Quality and Precision

Every time Mold for Pedal Trash Can with Plastic Inner is produced, a consistent and precise product is delivered. This is guaranteed throughout the whole manufacturing process – from the initial design to the final production.

Four points ensure consistent quality and precision:

  • High-quality raw materials are used
  • Machinery is regularly maintained and calibrated
  • Strict manufacturing standards are adhered to
  • Rigorous quality control at key stages of production

This ensures dependable and uniform outputs that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Unique Features

Every mold for pedal trash can has unique features. These include size, functionality, and design. Also, the molds are adaptable when producing different sizes or styles.

All mold-making is regulated by strict quality guidelines. Any changing requirements are factored in before the mold is modified according to clients’ specifications.

Global Household Waste Bins Market Size

A study by Market Insights Reports reveals that, by 2025, the global household waste bins market size will rise 6% annually.

Speed is vital when producing mold for a pedal trash can, so no one is left with a pile of garbage and no place to put it.

Quick production

Creating a pedal trash can with plastic inner no longer has to be daunting. Rapid manufacturing can ensure quick production in 5 steps!

  1. Design a 3D model and slice it into layers.
  2. Make a mold using CNC machining or 3D printing.
  3. Construct an assembly line with skilled workers and robotic automation.
  4. Injection molding is the key manufacturing process for consistent quality.
  5. Finalize the product with post-machining, labeling, packaging and quality control.

Integrate sensors and IoT applications to monitor production quality and machine overheating. This can detect problems before they occur and save time.

Rapid manufacturing is the way to go when it comes to quick turnaround time and uniformity in production quality. Don’t let your competitors gain an edge, switch up your manufacturing game today and buy a pedal trash can mold with a plastic inner online!

Buying Pedal Trash Can Mold with Plastic Inner Online

To find the perfect mold for your pedal trash can with a plastic inner, you should buy online. Consider factors like quality, price, and customer reviews before making any purchases. Plus, buying online has many advantages such as convenience and the ability to compare prices and features.

Factors to consider before buying mold for pedal trash cans online

When buying a mold for pedal trash cans online, there are several factors to consider. Quality, size, eco-friendliness, price, warranty, delivery time, and customer support are important factors to take into account.

Comparing prices from different suppliers gives access to more options. China is a top producer of plastic products due to low labor costs and advanced technology. Even with trash can molds, quality matters.

Quality of the mold

When you’re looking for a mold for a pedal trash can with a plastic inner, there are various factors to consider. Here’s a table of the most important ones and their importance.

Quality Factors Importance Level Description
Material Selection High High-quality materials guarantee durability and extended longevity.
Precision machining Medium Accurate and precise machining means a seamless mold production with intricate details.
Cooling System High An efficient cooling system prevents defects and boosts product life.
Ventilation System High A good ventilation system stops gas or air pockets in the mold, leading to better final product quality.

Plus, make sure the mold meets industry-standard safety regulations. Prioritize these elements when buying a pedal trash can mold to get maximum lifetime usage. Invest in quality and precision and get a high-quality pedal trash can mold today! Is it wrong to think $50 is a bargain when you consider the therapy expenses you’d save from not kicking your current can every time it doesn’t work?


The cost of buying a pedal trash can mold with a plastic inner can is vital info when selecting a purchase. A crucial thought is the price of the mold and whether it fits in your funds, plus any extra fees for delivery or taxes.

Take a look at the table for different suppliers’ price variations for this product:

Supplier Price
Supplier A $50
Supplier B $55
Supplier C $60

Note that prices may vary based on factors such as location, amount bought, and materials used. It’s recommended to look at prices from various suppliers before making a final choice.

When shopping online, double-check customer reviews and feedback from past buyers to make sure the product is good quality and reliable.

Some suppliers may offer extra features like customization choices or free shipping if you buy in bulk. Consider these elements when comparing prices to get the best deal for you.

Pedal trash cans are becoming more popular because of their hands-free usage, especially during this time when hygiene is crucial. This invention gives convenience and cleanliness in homes and offices.

Let customers speak for themselves with their glowing reviews.

Customer reviews

The three customer reviews of the pedal trash can with plastic inner show its quality. Five points from customers’ experiences:

  • Sturdy and resistant to wear.
  • Assembly takes less than an hour.
  • Design is sleek and modern.
  • Pedal feature works seamlessly.
  • Quick delivery and prompt customer service.

Uniquely, it’s environmentally-friendly. Made from recycled plastics, making it stand-out.

Pro Tip: Opt for smaller sizes for everyday use. No need to worry about a smelly rep, these pedal trash cans stay fresh!

Reputation of the manufacturer

When shopping for a pedal trash can mold with plastic inner, a buyer must consider the manufacturer’s reputation. Experience and certification are key factors for making sure the product is reliable and of high-quality.

For over 15 years, the manufacturer has been in the mold manufacturing industry. Plus, they have earned ISO9001 and TS16949 certifications. Their customer satisfaction rating is high and reviews are positive.

Don’t miss out on a trustworthy manufacturer! Act now to get a reliable product. Buy your mold online for a trash can that’s so smooth and polished, it’ll make the garbage jealous.

Advantages of buying mold for pedal trash cans online

Pedal trash can molds with plastic inner liners are available online with lots of benefits. These include:

  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Detailed product info and specs
  • Competitive prices
  • Vast selection of designs
  • Delivered right to your door

When shopping online, consider features such as warranty and customer reviews. You may find discounts, promotions, and bulk orders not available in-store.

Be sure to check authenticity of the vendor before making a purchase. Read reviews from past customers or check business registration details. Also, factor in shipping costs for long distance orders. Online retailers like Amazon or Alibaba often provide free delivery for bulk orders.

Who knew buying trash cans could be so easy? Now you can take out the garbage without even getting off the couch!


Purchase a pedal trash can mold with plastic inner online for its convenience. Skip the need of visiting physical stores. Get great prices and many models to choose from. Additional advantages include lower costs and plenty of options.

Verify customer reviews and ratings before buying. Compare prices of different online stores for the best deal. Opt for free shipping for reduced costs. Let your personality shine through the range – from classic black to neon pink!

Wide variety of options

A pedal trash can mold with a plastic inner comes in many options. Shoppers can find the one that fits their needs, depending on materials, colors, and sizes.

Materials include plastic and metal. Colors range from black, silver, white, red, blue, and gray. Sizes can be as small as 13.2 x 8.1 inches and as large as 30 gallons.

Other features include wheels for mobility and an automated lid. Consider the intended use when buying the mold. For outdoor or commercial use, get one with higher capacity and durability.

When purchasing online, check reviews and go for high-quality products. These are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly in the long run. Who knew buying a trash can mold could be so affordable? Now I can make my own garbage!


Buying a pedal trash can mold with plastic inner online is an economical option. It’s cost-effective since it eliminates middlemen costs. Plus, online sellers offer discounts and seasonal offers. An extensive selection of products are available at competitive prices. Buying in bulk also leads to greater savings. The value for money is higher than retail stores. Products are shipped directly from manufacturers or warehouses, cutting transportation costs.

Also, online stores provide product reviews and ratings which show customer satisfaction levels and product quality. DGE Solutions is an example of this. They increased their product range after buying waste bins molds from China and other countries. This helped them serve customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices, leading to their success. Who knew buying a pedal trash can mold online could be so satisfying?


The ‘Pedal Trash Can Mold with Plastic Inner’ is an amazing manufacturing solution for a long-lasting, high-quality trash can. Combining a rattan outer mold and plastic inner lining results in a sturdy and easy-to-clean design. Moreover, this mold provides designers with possibilities for customization and a range of color options.

As the demand for eco-friendly products rises, the ‘Pedal Trash Can Mold with Plastic Inner’ offers several special features. Rattan as an outer mold offers a beautiful look and durability. The plastic lining makes cleaning and maintenance simpler, while still being environmentally conscious.

This mold’s use dates back to the early 2000s when pollution was a growing problem. This innovative option became popular due to its cost-effectiveness compared to other materials like stainless steel or metal.