Tiger Global recently led a $100 million round of funding into an Indian jobs startup, propelling it into the unicorn club and highlighting the potential of the Indian startup ecosystem. This move has opened up new opportunities for startups and investors alike, and provides a case study for how to move forward with similar investments.

This article will explain the impact of Tiger Global’s investment and what it can mean for the Indian jobs startup.

Overview of Tiger Global’s investment

Tiger Global is a venture capital firm based in New York primarily investing in technology companies. The investor has invested in Indian startups such as Flipkart and Ola. In recent years, Tiger Global has seen its investment activity shift focus to India’s job-seeking startups like UpGrad, MockBank, Popexam and Grotal. These startups offer online education and coaching services to individuals looking for quality job-related skills that would help them earn better wages or increase their chances of getting hired by top employers.

The investments made by Tiger Global are quite strategic as they are designed to help the Indian workforce upgrade their skills and gain better employment opportunities. These investments will boost the startup ecosystem and help create jobs for the unemployed youth of India who have been struggling with limited job prospects due to lack of adequate skills or training. By supporting these startups, Tiger Global is doing its part in creating economic stability in India’s growing economy and providing a pathway for young Indians to realize their full potential.

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Tiger Global-led $100m round catapults Indian jobs startup into unicorn club

Tiger Global’s investment of $100 million into Indian jobs startup has catapulted the company into the unicorn club. In addition, this investment has had a major impact on the company, its employees and its shareholders.

In this article, we will explore how this investment has helped the Indian jobs startup.

Benefits to Indian jobs startup

Tiger Global Management’s recent investment in Zomato, an Indian food tech startup, has brought huge returns to the investors and led to several advantages for the Indian jobs startup.

For starters, the presence of a prominent investor such as Tiger Global can help startups raise more funds from other investors in future funding rounds. With Tiger Global leading the series G-round funding of $250 million in Zomato, it has become much easier for other Indian companies to get investor attention.

Moreover, with a large-scale investor on board startups can easily hire experienced executives who are experienced and well-versed with working for big global companies. An experienced set of executives provides direction and guidance to the company’s business model which helps its growth and global expansion. Furthermore, these investors come with a vast network of contacts from various industry backgrounds, enhancing their ability to seal deals quickly and effectively.

Another benefit of Investor presence is brand value enhancement across all dimensions at no extra cost. The global name associated with an investor gives companies more clout while making deals which leads them closer to achieving their desired goals quickly as it attracts potential partners faster than any other method could have done alone.

With Tiger Global’s investment in Zomato, job opportunities have increased drastically across all sectors related to food tech startups such as engineers, marketing professionals, finance experts etc., thus creating tremendous job opportunities in the sector letting talented potential employees work on projects that have genuine longevity and scope within their careers resulting in beneficial outcomes for everyone concerned; while also boosting India’s economy.

Impact on Indian job market

Tiger Global’s investments in Indian job startups have significantly impacted the Indian job market, leading to increased competition among job seekers. This has resulted in higher standards of recruitment and skill development among workers.

The influx of capital into the job sector has enabled innovators to develop new products and services that help bridge gaps between companies needing talent and unemployed individuals. By providing a platform that allows employers to quickly source candidates who possess the skills they are looking for, these startups are helping speed up hiring processes, creating more efficient systems for employers and employees.

Furthermore, these services have also provided an invaluable tool for increasing employee engagement and motivation since this technology often allows for faster feedback loops between employers, employees, and customers. This results in a better work experience for everyone involved.

At an industry level, Tiger Global’s investments have helped to bring more attention and focus to the Indian job market from global investors. In addition, the massive financial support from Tiger Global will help Indian startups compete with their foreign counterparts, creating an environment where these businesses can thrive as they offer better services to their respective customer bases.

Ultimately, Tiger Global has revolutionized the way business is conducted in India, providing unprecedented access to finance through its venture capital investments while at the same time paving the way for enhanced recruitment and career advancement opportunities across multiple industries throughout the country.

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Strategies for Indian Jobs Startup

With the Tiger Global-led $100m round, Indian jobs startup is now part of the unicorn club. This has opened up huge opportunities for the startup. With this growth and potential, strategizing is important to ensure the company can capitalize on the new opportunity and grow further.

Let us explore some strategies for the Indian jobs startup.

Focus on building a strong team

A strong team is the foundation of any successful startup. For Indian jobs startups, it goes beyond traditional traits such as hiring individuals with technical expertise and problem-solving skills. With markets and technologies transforming rapidly, Indian jobs startups must focus on building an agile team that can anticipate these changing markets and shifting trends. Aspiring entrepreneurs should look for professionals with solid domain experience and the ability to quickly adapt to new challenges.

Moreover, the need for such stealth flexibility of the workforce and newer strategies calls for a different hiring process than what was traditionally followed by corporates. Startups will benefit from accessing niche experts to drive innovation, blending existing functional roles with newer areas and skill-sets, planning regarding hires keeping an organization’s scalability requirements in perspective, filling out gaps early etc. Further, they should focus on diversity of knowledge pools ranging from technology to product or market adoption within their teams by leveraging various disruptive workforce models available today such as gig staffing solutions providers or dedicated hiring partners.

Finally, founders need to identify potential hires who have a passion for developing innovative solutions suited for today’s ever-evolving markets and possess hard skills per industry standards, which will be crucial if the venture moves towards an IPO shortly.

Leverage technology for better customer experience

To help the Indian jobs startup, Tiger Global management must understand the importance of embracing technology and providing a better customer experience. People are searching for quicker, more efficient solutions for job hunting, and therefore must be provided with a platform that delivers on that purpose. This can be achieved through leveraging technology components like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), automation or even using databases to offer personalized job search algorithms.

Further, given the current pandemic situation, startups have the potential to use remote technologies such as cloud platforms to provide online support and guidance for recruiters and job seekers alike. Digital portals can become effective ways of listing job posts while providing users with further resources. Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular as they provide users real-time collaboration and ease of communication between recruiters and applicants. Businesses should be entangled in incorporating such initiatives to increase their service value for corporate customers and prospective employees.

In addition, companies should focus on using Big Data analytics tools to gain deeper insights into user behavior. Analytics helps businesses identify user trends from thousands of applicant profiles which can be used for target marketing strategies or even improving product development decisions in terms of job profiles or new areas where one may need exceptional talents that may not currently exist in the marketplace. Furthermore, tech teams at these startups can build dedicated job search tools for candidates which should showcase their work experience & user feedback about companies or posted jobs accordingly, thereby generating more engaging & contextual experiences for them. All these elements create a differentiated customer experience and improved business value proposition resulting in sustained world class performance by Indian Jobs startups.

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Invest in marketing and branding

For Indian jobs startups looking to engage with investors, marketing and branding are essential to their growth strategy. Utilizing targeted campaigns and creative content to build a strong brand identity that resonates with customers can help give investors the confidence to commit to the business.

Marketing and branding initiatives should be strategic and comprehensive, including developing a comprehensive brand strategy, creating eye-catching content, utilizing digital channels like social media to build an online presence, leveraging influencers to increase awareness, investing in print campaigns like newspapers or magazines, as well as optimizing search engine results through organic and paid search engine optimization (SEO).

Building strong relationships with potential investors is key — creating personal connections via networking events or other relationship building initiatives will help ensure long-term success.

Finally, investing in customer-driven research will better understand how current customers may interact with the brand over time. This information can prove invaluable for maximizing overall ROI for marketing efforts.


Tiger Global’s investment of a $100m round in Indian jobs startup has catapulted it into the unicorn club. This investment has helped to create new jobs and create a better economy.

Let’s look at how this investment could help the startup in the future and the overall Indian economy.

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