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When comparing online casinos to the more traditional inland establishments, you may find it difficult to be able to distinguish the differences between the two. However, with the dramatic increase in popularity of online casinos in recent years, this may be an indication of the numerous additional benefits and features offered to players upon signing up and playing at one of these online casinos.

How have Online Casinos Become so Popular?

When looking at the recent surge of online casinos holistically, it can be discerned that a number of different contributing factors have led to the increase in popularity of these sites. However, when attempting to understand some of these factors, you must initially look at the more conventional inland casino venues and their more traditional formatting to fully absorb the impact the online features have had on the industry.

Firstly, looking at the layout of these establishments will highlight some potential issues these inland casinos have when compared to online sites. At a time in which the internet was absent, casinos were the only place where you could experience the exciting gameplay of the various slots and table games on offer. However, like any other building, regardless of business, there was always a limit when it came to feasible floor space. Consequently, casinos were limited to the number of games they could actually contain and offer to players, meaning certain slots or less popular table games may have been missing.

Luckily for online casinos, this is not an issue these sites would have to endure. As the casinos are simply hosted on a server, this bypasses the limit placed upon traditional casinos. Therefore, online casinos can host a dramatically higher number of potential slots and table-based games. Every table game and slot imaginable could be available at just one of these sites, providing players with a collection of real money games much larger than a regular inland establishment.

When mentioning the more conventional venues casinos were housed within, this requires players and punters alike to travel to their nearest casino site to enjoy the host of games on offer. Once again, this is an issue negated due to the shift of casinos moving online. The compatibility of online casino games in the modern age allows players to experience all their favourite games whenever and wherever they please due to all titles being available at the touch of a fingertip across mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. This benefit was something that was only tried and tested as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic that began in 2019. Due to the world’s population being forced indoors, all businesses, casinos included, were hit with some form of restriction or hindrance.

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Although it may sound dystopian, this is something that really allowed online casinos to flourish. Under the circumstances, regular players within traditional casino settings could no longer experience the games they enjoyed. As a result of this, waves of people flocked to online casino sites in order for them to experience their favourite slots or table games, consequently resulting in a dramatic period of growth for the sector, the likes of which hadn’t really been seen beforehand. However, upon visiting these online casino sites for the first time, players all over the world were exposed to the various conveniences and benefits offered to players, which typically wouldn’t have been offered by the more inland establishments, some of which we will be detailing next.

What are the Positives of Casino Play Online?

As previously mentioned, online casinos’ conveniences over standard casinos are extensive. The compatibility offered by the multitude of devices that can play all your favourite casino games allows players the freedom of play, disestablishing the location and time restrictions placed upon players. But when taking into consideration the multiple other benefits offered after the online shift of casinos, there is also a huge array of other perks that would likely have much more of an impact on players. For instance: the payment methods.

With casinos moving online, so did the need to make deposits and withdrawals, with this being an aspect that is significantly more beneficial when compared to standard casinos. The increased number of methods in which players can fund their gameplay experiences only continues to grow in the online space, with e-wallets, prepaid cards, and even cryptocurrencies being available methods when it comes to funding the gameplay. On the contrary, the most typical form of funding your playing in standard casinos is usually using a visa card, whether that be credit or debit. However, these are only used in order to exchange funds for chips, which can often be a burden in a real setting.

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In addition, exchanging any winnings of these can be an occasionally time-consuming process; however, most online casinos offer both instant deposits and withdrawals, meaning you can receive your funds back into your account whenever you wish.  On top of all this, the bonuses and offers online casinos give to new and concurrent players are also a different, giving online sites a leg up over their inland ‘competitors.’ The numerous different sign-up offers, including the matched deposit, no deposit, and free spin/ bet incentives offered to new players, and the reload offers existing players often receive, are something you would likely never experience in a casino venue.

What Safety Aspects do Online Casinos Offer?

However, after mentioning the financial aspect of online casinos, this may be something you feel weary of when it comes to an online entity handling both your personal and financial information and data. Regardless of this, it can be assured that all of your details are just as safe when it comes to funding your gameplay experience. This can be affirmed by checking whether or not the casino of your choice holds claim to various different licenses and safety standards.

You should first begin by checking whether or not the casino has all the relative certifications from the respective gambling commissions required when taking into consideration your location. This ensures that the practices of these online casinos are fair for players as well as protects any data you may input into their sites. On top of all this, searching a site for any responsible gambling features should be another safety aspect to look out for. Due to casinos involving real-life money, this also could result in real-life consequences should you become an at-risk gambler. However, casinos are also responsible for putting in limits to protect players and their finances. Finding a casino that features any time or deposit limits helps aid the moral safety aspects of a casino.

Furthermore, should a casino offer a live support feature, this is another safety feature in which you can get real-time help should you run into any problem or concerns you believe need addressing.


When looking at the dramatic shift of casinos onto the online space, numerous different aspects have contributed to this and affected the success of the moves. First, the requirements inland casino establishments place on players have almost completely been negated since the introduction of online casinos, with the benefits and features offered by them only continuing to improve.