Learn how to get to 99 Crafting in an efficient and AFK manner while being cheap!

What you should know before starting with crafting

Crafting is an excellent talent to learn in RuneScape, not only because you may produce useful goods and sell them for good money, but also because it is one of the most AFK abilities. This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know before starting your Crafting adventure, from what resources are required to create experience to how to AFK your Crafting level up.

To get 99 Crafting, you’ll need to know what kind of products you want to make and how much of each you’ll need. You should also get acquainted with the many crafting processes accessible, such as the Tanning process, Runecrafting, and Pottery. It’s critical to understand which approach is quicker and less expensive so you can prepare ahead of time and optimize your experience gain. Furthermore, learning about things like wearing a ring of riches while crafting or utilizing an Ornate Jewellery box might help you enhance your odds of receiving rare prize drops from The Grand Exchange (GE).

Finally, it’s always a good idea for novices to be aware of typical crafting errors so they can avoid them in the future.

Where to craft

When it comes to crafting in Old School RuneScape, selecting an optimal spot to create is the most crucial aspect of your quest. Crafting’s purpose is to get to 99 Crafting as rapidly and cheaply as feasible. To do so, choose a location with an abundance of resources and close proximity to a bank, anvils, or a pottery wheel.

There are numerous excellent crafting locations for F2P players:

  • Kharid Al Kharid – For leatherworking, use the palace’s range.
  • Varrock – Head south-east from the town center to discover the smithing furnace.
  • Yanille – There are lots of clay rocks for pottery making just east of Yanille.
  • Lumbridge – You may mine copper and tin ore nearby and turn these ores into bronze bars in Lumbridge’s furnace.

Whatever location you select, bring all of your resources as well as enough food to support yourself while you build. Now that you know where to craft, all that remains is to attain level 99. Best wishes.


The cooking degrees of different dishes are used to assess their difficulty to prepare as well as their worth on the Grand Exchange. Mastering cookery skills may be an efficient technique for OSRS Runescape players to gain money or fast attain particular objectives.

Cooking food has four distinct level levels in Runescape: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master. Each tier has various dishes that must be cooked at a given level in order to be effectively cooked. As the level progresses, each tier gets increasingly tough. For example, beginner food takes a player to be level 1 to make, but master food requires a player to be level 99 to make. As a result, mastering culinary levels might allow a player acquire access to higher tier meals that were previously unavailable. This may also make it simpler for players with high levels of skill in the game to produce and sell things on the Grand Exchange.

Levels 7+

The OSRS F2P Cooking Guide Levels 7+ focuses on cooking for levels 7 through 99. At this point, you’ll be able to consume roasted bear meat, monkfish, trout, and salmon, among other things. You may also prepare classic OSRS dishes like stew, curry, pizza, and other favorites.

At levels 7-50, you may adopt a time-saving cooking approach by deliberately cycling between different ingredients. A cycle of trout to salmon to bass fish, for example, might help you level up rapidly without spending a lot of money on components. Maintain a close eye on your supplies and restock as required.

At stages 51-99, it is advised that you prepare mostly salmon or monkfish to achieve your objectives quicker and with less danger. This kind of training is faster but more costly, so arrange your budget appropriately. Furthermore, keep in mind that higher level cooking recipes provide more xp per item, so alternate between them and goods with lower xp needs at all times to optimize efficiency.

OSRS 1 - 99 Crafting Guide (FAST/CHEAP/AFK/PROFIT)