This guide will show you the fastest and cheapest ways to level up your Construction skill from 1 to 99 in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) so you can save more gold in the process.

Why you should train construction in OSRS

In the computer game Old School RuneScape (OSRS), Construction training may be a highly gratifying and lucrative ability. It is the ability that allows players to construct their own dwelling. This enables users to design their own furnishings and have a place to call home inside the game. Construction training may also aid with other talents like Crafting, Fletching, and Smithing.

Higher level building also grants access to specific furnishings such as Prayer Altars and special garden decorations, as well as usage of higher level teleport tablets and access to certain quest requirements or prizes that need higher level Construction. Along with these advantages comes a rise in the number of additional activities available in OSRS, such as:

  • Establishing a Castle Wars Arena
  • A Gnome Glider course

Finally, training Construction gives players access to some of the most lucrative products in OSRS because to the huge demand from players wishing for organized housing that allows for simple movement of commodities with banks and other services nearby.

Quests that require construction level

To battle Blue Dragons in OSRS To make 99 osrs fletching darts To boost fletching exp To make 99 fletching darts, you must have the required Construction level. You may reach it by completing quests and activities that require building levels, such as Dragon Slayer II, which is the most efficient way to increase fletching experience. To get the best experience, you should equip a Lumberjack outfit OSRS.., which grants 8,750 building experience.

If you don’t want to do Dragon Slayer II, there are plenty of alternative missions to do, such as:

  • Death Plateau Construction xp of 280
  • The Grand Tree Construction xp of 1,800
  • Druidic Ritual Construction xp of 440
  • Plague City Construction xp of 400

Other methods to level up your Construction skill besides these missions include completing the Lumbridge Achievement Diary and spending your Achievement Diaries prizes, building signposts and chairs in your Player Owned House, and assisting other players by training their Farming or Construction abilities. Completing activities like these will help you swiftly and inexpensively get the Construction level required to combat Blue Dragons in OSRS.

Useful rooms to have in your P-O-H

When it comes to developing your building skills, having the correct rooms in your Player-Owned House (P-O-H) may make all the difference. Certain tasks may be made more efficient by a well-thought-out P-O-H design, and certain rooms can even allow access to extra prizes.

A Quest Hall is the most significant room to have since it grants access to certain missions and their rewards. Garden rooms, kitchens, chapels, and study rooms are also helpful:

  • Garden Rooms provide access to agricultural areas, where you may grow trees and other crops that grant experience and resources.
  • Kitchen Rooms enable you to prepare food that earns Cooking experience, cooks food quicker than traditional techniques, and may burn food less often than a traditional range or fire.
  • Chapel Room grants access to Saradomin or Zamorak’s altars for prayer experience increases and altar spells such as pray alteration spellbinding.
  • Study Rooms include bookshelves, which earn Construction experience when installing or removing them from POH goods.

Carpenters Outfit OSRS

Carpenters Outfit OSRS is a collection of building equipment available in Old School RuneScape. This set contains three tools that, when used, provide the user a +3 increase to their Crafting level. This improvement raises the Crafting level by one tier, enabling players to create products more quickly and effectively.

The Carpenters Outfit OSRS may be acquired with 15,000 coins from the Sawmill operator in Varrock. Individual components may also be purchased from other retailers, such as Grand Exchange and Lethe General Store.

Crafting with the Carpenters Outfit OSRS allows you to make higher tier products with less material and experience than normal, which means that building levels may be swiftly improved even on a tight budget.


Mining is a necessary talent to learn in Old School RuneScape Completing Quests that provide discrete amounts of experience is one method to quickly improve your Mining experience and progress along your training path. This may assist players of all levels who want to swiftly level up their Mining. Because it is a time-consuming talent, it is critical to understand the best techniques to get experience quickly.

The list of 2 stringing bows quests and their related levels, as well as the quantity of Mining experience awarded for completing them, is shown below. These Quests are excellent not just for leveling up your Mining and gaining additional benefits like XP lamps, weapon overrides, and rare goods, but also for switching up your grinding methods in order to obtain fletching mithril darts.OSRS Construction.

  • Quest Name and Level
  • Quantity of Mining experience awarded for each

NEW Cheapest way to train Construction: Mahogany Homes

In Old School RuneScape, mahogany houses With 99 alternative methods, Construction is the quickest and cheapest way to level up your skill. This construct is recommended for Construction training from level 1 to 99, and it will save you a lot of money in the process. You may also reach your objective faster due to the lower cost, provided that you have at least 5M coins. on hand.

You will need:

  • 20 Mahogany Logs (level 50 Woodcutting necessary),
  • 20 nails (Smithing level 41 required),
  • and 4 Limestone bricks (level 12 Mining required) to create mahogany dwellings.

You’ll also need an iron hammer and a saw, which you can get from any basic shop in Runescape. Once you’ve acquired all of these resources, go to your Player-Owned House Portal in Rimmington or Yanille.

From there, you may gain expertise by constructing mahogany mansions. Each house will provide you 200xp each hour of building time, allowing you to quickly level up your Construction skill.

1 - 99 OSRS Construction Guide (FAST/CHEAP)