Looking for a comprehensive guide on how to beat General Graardor in Old School RuneScape? Look no further, as this guide will cover everything you need to know to take him down!

Getting Started OSRS Bandos Guide

The Getting Started OSRS Bandos Guide is a detailed guide to defeating the General Graardor boss in Old School RuneScape OSRS. This tutorial will teach players all they need to know to battle and destroy General Graardor, the commander of the Bandos group. It offers a full tour of the combat, as well as advise on gearing up, ideal fighting strategies, and other useful hints.

The Getting Started OSRS Bandos Guide also includes information regarding Bandos-related quests and minigames, as well as a complete list of prizes for defeating General Graardor. This detailed tutorial will assist novice players in getting the most out of their Bandos experience.

Pre-Room Prep

This thorough OSRS Bandos tutorial explains how to defeat General Graardor in the Bandos fortress. Before undertaking the battle, players must learn the principles of the combat, anticipate General Graardor’s powers, and have the necessary equipment and supplies. This tutorial summarizes all of this material and provides a step-by-step instruction on how to win.

Players should ensure that they are fully prepared for combat with armor, weapons, food, potions, and/or prayer potatoes/renewals before trying to confront General Graardor. Players should also carry protective prayers such as protect from magic or protect from ranged attacks, depending on whether they intend to attack with melee or ranged strikes. Additionally, before beginning the encounter, players should pay attention to their stat levels and consider which ones they can improve using potions. Players may defeat General Graador in OSRS Bandos with thorough planning and mastery of the combat mechanics.

Acquiring Kill Count

Obtaining a Killer Count is required to finish the Bandos Boss battle in Old School RuneScape. To be qualified for the Bandos Boss battle, players must kill the General Graardor at least 25 times. This amount grows with each try at the boss, making it critical to store up on kills ahead of time in order to enter the boss faster and with a better success rate.

The most efficient method to do this is to equip ranged gear appropriate for your level and battle stats. The greatest ranged gear for each level varies from Iron Armour with Accuracy Amulets to Dragonhide bodies and even Barrows armour with Fury or Torture Amulets. Make sure you’re adequately outfitted before taking on this difficult OSRS Boss.

Boss Room Location

General Graardor may be located on the God Wars Dungeon’s top level. Bring a rope with you if you want to enter his room, since the Boss Room is inaccessible without one. To get to his room, cross the bridge and go up one level, where a door leads to the north side of a staircase with your rope. Follow this stairway until it leads to a location known as The Lair.

General Graardor lives here, surrounded by four of his bodyguards:

  • Sergeant Strongstack
  • Sergeant Steelwill
  • Sergeant Grimspike
  • Sergeant Quickfinger

Bring some food to shield yourself from their fierce attacks.

Fighting Bandos Duo Guide

Many Old School RuneScape (OSRS) players find it difficult to take on the Bandos Duo. This battling Bandos pair guide is for you if you want to complete this task and farm General Graardor.

The first stage in dealing with the Bandos Duo is to make sure you’re properly equipped for the battle. You will require a minimum of level 70 in all three fighting skills, as well as at least 75 in ranged and magic, as well as enough food to withstand the duration of the encounter, which may be lengthy. It is also advised that you carry an anti-dragon shield with you, such as an Anti-Dragonbreath Shield, Anti-Fire Shield, or Dragonfire Shield.

This tutorial will explain how to deal with General Graardor and K’ril Tsutsaroth, as well as their vulnerabilities and viable counter-strategies. With this detailed OSRS Bandos Guide, you’ll be well prepared to take on the duo.

Tank Role

When conquering the Blue Dragon dungeon, the Tank Role is a crucial element of any successful squad. Tanks must have a solid grasp of the fight’s dynamics and be prepared to absorb hits if necessary. To survive the combat, they need have excellent defensive stats and a high hitpoints HP. A Tank’s purpose is to attract all or most of the attention so that their squad can deliver enough damage without having to worry about taking too many hits themselves.

Furthermore, they should keep General Graardor as far away from their team as possible while delivering damage, since this drastically lowers his attack range, making it simpler for their squad to strike him without being struck back. Tanks should also employ defensive skills like Anticipation and Resonance, which may decrease incoming damage by up to 25% for a brief period of time.

Attacker Role

When taking on General Graardor with a team in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Attacker position is crucial. The attacker’s duty is to take out the minions, while the rest of the squad focuses on staying healthy and dealing with the general. Attackers must have a high combat level to rapidly dispatch the minions, since they are quite resilient. They should also pack food, prayer potions, and gear to guard against ranged assaults.

The Blue Dragonhide armour set is popular among attackers because it offers good protection against both melee and ranged strikes. If you don’t have access to the Blue Dragonhide armour set, a Karil’s top or Black d’hide body with dragonhide vambraces and chaps may give enough protection. In addition to armour, attackers should carry a godsword or abyssal whip with them for optimum effectiveness against the minions.


Minions are little, goblin-like foes that may be encountered in and around Bandos’ stronghold. They are incredibly vulnerable, having just 10hp and no powers or defenses. However, if they are allowed to swarm a player, their combined damage might soon build up. They usually appear in groups of four or six and are divided into two types: yellow minions who employ melee attacks and red minions who utilize ranged assaults.

When enough yellow minions are destroyed, blue dragons will sprout to take their place. These blue dragons have a maximum hit of 60 life points and do damage to players with both combat and magical strikes. Killing blue dragons yields a one-of-a-kind drop that is required to complete the Fighter Torso quest. ☃️ It also allows players to enter General Graardor’s chamber.

Bandos Solo Guide

Bandos Solo Guide is a complete guide to fighting General Graardor, the boss monster of OSRS Old School RuneScape’s God Wars Dungeon. With this method, players will be able to simply and rapidly solo General Graardor.

This article contains thorough step-by-step directions for preparing for and completing a Bandos Solo attack. It includes advice on what equipment you’ll need, which prayers to use, how much food and medicines to carry, which method is ideal for beating him, and more. By following this detailed instruction, players will be able to quickly complete a Bandos Solo attack and get some fantastic prizes along the way.

Bandos Solo Gear

A solid equipment setup is required to solo General Graardor. This includes gear that will defend you from his special attack as well as gear that will improve your melee accuracy. Bandos solo gear should be a combination of Barrows and warrior guild basement stuff.

A Bandos chestplate, tassets, and helm, with a Dragonfire Shield as your primary defensive tool, is the greatest armor setup. The Saradomin Godsword, which also protects against magical assaults, is the greatest weapon for precision. Barrows gloves, an Amulet of Glory 4, an Ardougne Cloak 4 or Fire Cape, and a strength-boosting ring like the Berserker Ring or Warrior Ring may also be worn while soloing in Bandos. Finally, if necessary, you may kite General Graardor with a Magic Shortbow and Rune Arrows.

Bandos Solo Inventory

When fighting General Graardor on your own, you’ll need to have the following things in your inventory:

  • Bring at least two doses of a Prayer Potion; this will enable you to replenish your prayer points during the battle.
  • Second, you’ll want to bring a set of Stlys, which you can get by trading with other players or purchasing them from the Grand Exchange.
  • Third, carry enough food to endure the duration of the battle; Swordfish or lobster should suffice.
  • Finally, you should have at least one Super Set and one Super Restore potion on hand.

The Bandos Solo inventory is an important aspect of any OSRS Bandos guide; by equipping yourself with these things and understanding fundamental fighting methods, you will be able to easily beat General Graardor and enjoy the benefits.

Bandos Solo Fight

The Bandos Solo Fight is a one-of-a-kind melee training system that focuses on battling General Graardor using just the player’s combat stats. To defeat this extremely difficult monster, you must use a variety of assaults and methods. In order to maximize damage delivered while minimizing receiving damage, players must carefully choose their equipment and attack strategy.

Bandos Solo Fights are widely regarded as one of the greatest ways for melee training due to their ability to simultaneously develop strength, defence, and attack stats. Furthermore, players that successfully finish a single combat get a massive quantity of drops that may be sold at the Grand Exchange for huge earnings. This technique is highly suggested for intermediate and advanced players searching for an exciting new challenge for their next major training objective.

OSRS Bandos Guide How to Beat General Graardor