This guide covers everything you need to know about starting an OSRS Group Ironman, from what gear to wear to what supplies to bring.

Group Combat

The Oldschool Runescape Group Ironman quest requires group combat. It enables many players to join forces and battle formidable bosses together. This allows players to optimize their combat effectiveness, enabling them to acquire experience quicker and slay bosses more efficiently.

Group Combat has its own set of methods and tactics that should be considered while preparing engagements. A competent tank, for example, should be in place to handle incoming enemy damage, enabling DPS (damage per second) Players should focus on inflicting damage to their opponents in order to make the most of their ironman money making start. It is also essential for group members to understand their roles, so that they can work together as a cohesive unit rather than individuals trying to complete tasks with minimal efficiency.

Overall, Group Combat is essential for completing OSRS Ironman bossing excursions successfully.

Group Ironman Trading

One of the most significant components of the Old School RuneScape Group Ironman game is Group Ironman Trading. It enables players to exchange goods such as armour, weapons, and runes, as well as other sorts of commodities. This is an excellent method to earn money in the game while also assisting your teammates. It also helps with Hellhounds slayer chores since they may drop top-tier gear like the hammer and rune items, which are useful for Smithing.

As a Group Ironman participant, you must remember that trading should be done in moderation or you may face an unexpected suspension for market manipulation or fraud. Furthermore, it is critical to do pricing research before exchanging things to ensure that both parties benefit.

Shared Storage

Old School RuneScape OSRS Group Ironman Mode has an in-game feature called Shared Storage. This feature enables all members of the group to store things and gold in a common bank tab. It’s worth noting that the Shared Storage bank page is only available to group members, and the quantity of cash saved is computed per-player.

The Shared Storage function may be utilized for a variety of objectives, such as:

  • Supplying your team with supplies
  • Assisting one another monetarily
  • Fishing Quests that offer experience are an excellent and sometimes neglected usage for Shared Storage.

After completing a Fishing Quest, the prizes may be deposited in the Shared Storage so that each team member can collect their reward as soon as possible.

Group Prestige

Group Prestige is a new feature coming to Old School RuneScape’s Ironman mode. Group prestige is a PvM activity in which players in a group collaborate to accomplish Challenges and achieve specified levels in order to gain points. These points will be used by players to enhance their armor, gain access to new content, and unlock prizes.

Group Prestige will provide the Ironman Community a new PvM experience with a slew of added bonuses and incentives. For example, players would be able to earn God Armor, High-Level Slayer drops, Lucky Clovers for extra experience, and other Group Prestige-exclusive goodies. Players that want to engage in Group Prestige must remain loyal to their group and work as a team throughout the whole process in order for all members of the group to enjoy the benefits at the end.

Changes to the Group

Group Ironman Mode has seen various improvements throughout the years, making it even more difficult and rewarding. One of the most significant changes is to the group mode itself; group experience increases are now restricted at 50% for both combat and non-combat experience. This provides players greater motivation to spread out and explore places with varying experience rates.

Another significant change is that several tasks no longer provide experience when performed in a group; instead, this must be done with a pair or solo account. This implies that free-to-play tasks, such as Black Knights’ Fortress, may only be played alone or with a buddy for experience rewards; while member quests, such as Recipe for Disaster, are unaffected and can still be completed in groups.

How to become a Group Ironman

Group Ironman is a challenge in the popular MMORPG Old School RuneScape. It is a variant of Ironman Mode in which two or more players may join up and play together while adhering to the same regulations.

To become a Group Ironman, each player must first become an individual Ironman. This implies that for each account, users must create a fresh character and begin the game without assistance from other players or NPCs. This may be a difficult undertaking, but it is doable with persistence, game knowledge, and careful preparation.

Once each individual character has become an Ironman and has attained at least level 20 in all abilities, they will be able to form a Group Ironman squad. From then on, all characters in the group are bound by the same rules:

  • No trade between them save for consumables.
  • No utilizing friends conversations or public chats for aid or advice.
  • No access to Grand Exchange.

These restrictions make collaboration among all members of the group necessary for success.

Creating a Group

Group Ironman Mode is an OldSchool RuneScape game mode that supports up to four players. All players in a group will be subject to the same rules: they cannot utilize the Grand Exchange, trade with one another, or use things from other players in their group.

To start a Group Ironman Mode, you must be a Regular or Ultimate Ironman and invite three additional players. The four participants must all agree on certain regulations for themselves, which must then be confirmed by the leader. The group is constituted and ready to begin as soon as all four members have been invited and accepted.

Group Ironman Mode is very enjoyable since it enables four people to play together and have fun while helping each other achieve their objectives. This sort of game style demands patience, collaboration, and devotion from all of its participants, but it rewards those who work hard with several incentives.

Recruiting Process

Recruiting for an OSRS Ironman Group is a critical procedure that must be properly considered, and prospective members must be thoroughly examined. Each prospective member should fill out a questionnaire regarding their experience with the game, as well as provide any other pertinent information about themselves. This might assist the group leader in determining who is the greatest match for their team.

It is also advised that you have some kind of procedure in place to ensure that candidates are genuine about joining your squad, such as requiring screenshots and/or game records. Once you have determined that they are eligible, extended invites will be offered to a chosen group of candidates. After all, ironman status cannot be attained without collaboration and coordination among all members, therefore the team leader should examine any extra applications received against the initial criteria laid forth to guarantee only the top players make it into the group.

Hardcore Group Ironman

A Hardcore Group Ironman OSRS account pushes gamers to take on the game’s most difficult difficulties. It’s a group of four individuals who work together to accomplish their in-game objectives quicker than they could otherwise. Players may exchange resources, assign particular tasks to one another, or just talk about their progress. This style of Ironman introduces a new level of challenge and cooperation to the game that most ordinary players will not be able to enjoy.

Ironman athletes have a limited supply of resources, therefore it is critical for organizations to plan ahead and make the most use of what they have. This may involve team members swapping uncommon things, taking turns on duties, or even establishing mule accounts to keep excess stuff. Whatever technique is used, teams must avoid overloading any one member with too many duties, since this may lead to fatigue and inefficiency.

Coordination and communication are critical components of successful Hardcore Group Ironman play, but with the appropriate techniques and tactics in place, these highly driven teams may go far.

Should you pick Group Ironman or Hardcore Group Ironman?

Group Ironman is a sort of account in OldSchool RuneScape (OSRS) that comes with its own set of tasks and prizes. In order to succeed and grow in a Group Ironman, or GIM, participants must work together. This account type adheres to particular regulations, such as avoiding trading with other users and having access to just specified things. The purpose of GIM is for a group of players to work together to become the most powerful group in OSRS.

Before you go on your adventure as a Group Ironman, you’ll need a few things. To begin, you must pick whether you wish to play alone or join an existing group. In addition, new ironmen must decide whether they wish to compete in Hardcore (HCIM) or Regular. After you’ve decided on your HP level, you’ll need to think out how you’re going to generate money. Money is essential for all ironmen, particularly Group Ironmen, who have fewer moneymaking choices owing to the limits placed on them. Finally, keep in mind that communication among team members is critical to success. After reading this tutorial, you should have all the knowledge you need to build a successful OSRS GIM team and become one of OSRS’s most feared teams.

How to choose your Group Ironman team

Group Ironman is a sort of Ironman accessible in Old School Runescape OSRS that requires four or more players to work together to fulfill its objectives. When choosing your squad, make sure you have the greatest team possible.

When assembling your squad, examine the strengths of each individual player as well as how they could complement or be complimented by other members of the group. For example, one person may excel in slaying monsters while another focuses on resource collection. Other factors to consider include each player’s degree of expertise and in-game specialty, so you may construct an effective and balanced squad with talents that cover all facets of OSRS play.

Furthermore, it is critical to identify the athletes’ emotional requirements. Some people are more competitive or have greater emotional demands than others, necessitating a particular amount of support from their teammates.

Finally, while deciding who will join your Group Ironman team, ensure that all views are heard and that everyone is comfortable with their selection so that everyone on the team is ready and motivated to work together toward success.

Group Ironman Roles

Group Ironman is a game style in Old School Runescape (OSRS) in which all players collaborate to achieve maximum victory. Group Ironman demands participants to collaborate, establishing positions within their team that best support the overall team objectives.

The most typical positions for a Group Ironman are:

  • Tank: To guarantee that the squad survives challenging Boss confrontations by absorbing damage and keeping opponents away from other members of the group.
  • Healer: To heal when necessary and to assist the group by boosting or debuffing foes.
  • Damage Dealer: To do damage to enemies as rapidly as possible while keeping the group safe.
  • Supporter: To grant perks such as prayers and stat increases, as well as assisting with crowd management.
  • Combat Support: To aid with crowd management and boss encounters by offering perks such as food and potions.

Group Ironman is not a simple undertaking, but with the correct mix of responsibilities and collaboration, you may accomplish incredible results.


The first step for beginning Herb Runners will be to harvest herbs. Herbs may be obtained in a variety of locations throughout the game, including agricultural areas, monsters, herb bags dropped by monsters, and the Grand Exchange. Gatherers usually begin by collecting low-level herbs like guam and tarromin.

Many people choose to cultivate more strong plants like ranarr and snapdragon in farming areas using their own seeds. Herbs discovered on monster drops are often poor, yet they are frequently overlooked by more experienced players. Finally, buying herbs via the Grand Exchange is an excellent method to get higher level herbs rapidly without having to seek for them in-game.


Gaining favor with the Hosidius House is an excellent way to begin your Old School RuneScape (OSRS) Group Ironman Starters Guide. The Crafter Favorites is a good location to start since it offers access to the Cosmetic Outfit Merchants and raises your xp gain to the second highest level in the region.

Crafting chores such as crafting jewelry from raw materials, tanning skins into leather, or smithing goods from smelted metal bars are ideal. It will only take you approximately an hour of labor to get 76% favor with the Crafter’s guild. This will also provide you an extra 7% experience gain for any sort of craft skill for the length of your stay in Hosidius.


OSRS Group Ironman Start style is Constructionist. It requires beginning with extremely low fighting levels and gradually progressing to high-level equipment. Because each step towards these objectives is completed one at a time, this strategy lets players to plan out their advancement expenses and budget for their stat targets differently than typical Ironman approaches.

The primary benefits of going this path are that it enables players to gradually build up their bank and that stat levels develop more gradually, providing for more control over each stat target that is attained. Because of their larger bank balance, constructionists have the advantage of being able to utilize better gear sooner in the game. The disadvantage is that Constructionists take longer to reach maximum level stats than other Ironman types.


In Old School RuneScape (OSRS) Slayer is a very popular and efficient method to level up your Ranged stat. It is the quickest 99 in the game, but it is also the most costly. You will need to acquire runes and ammo, as well as equipment from slayer masters, in order to fulfill various Slayer objectives. Some of these products can be expensive, so it’s important to have a guide efficient ironman guide to help you navigate through the process.Broad Arrows, may be rather expensive.

Before you begin your slayer journey, make sure you have the following items:

  • A high hitpoints level (75%+ recommended)
  • Access to a cannon if grinding metal dragons
  • Access to a slayer master who has tasks that suit your playing style/gear setup
  • Access to fairy rings for superior slayer excursions
  • Good ranged armour/weapons (Karil’s or black dragonhide set recommended)
  • 50%+ prayer levels for protection prayer flicking etc.
  • Decent food for when you’re grinding

After you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it’s time to go to work.

Rune Crafter

Rune Crafter is the quickest and most costly way to get 99 Ranged in OSRS. Rune Crossbows, Rune Arrows, and Black Dragonhide armour are required for this method. Before trying to construct runes, players need have at least 75 Defense and 70 Ranged.

Players may manufacture Law Runes from a Runecrafting Altar in level 44 Wilderness using a few things such as a Law Talisman or Tiara, Nature Runes, and some form of food source such as Lobsters or Sharks. Once the laws have been constructed, they may be sold on the Grand Exchange for money, which can be used to purchase Black Dragon Hide armour and two Rune Crossbows. Finally, crossbow arrows should be bought. When coupled with the crossbow, these arrows do a lot of damage, allowing you to kill creatures much quicker.

If supplies are handled properly, 99 ranged may be achieved in roughly 28 hours using this approach.

Group Ironman Starters Guide

Group Ironman starts is a game style in the Old School RuneScape MMORPG. To begin their adventure as Group Ironman Starters, gamers must join a group of three, with all players working as one team to achieve. Each team member accepts the challenge of doing things on their own while keeping their teammates informed. This game option is ideal for players eager for a challenge but lacking the time or commitment to go alone.

Group Ironman has a number of regulations in place to guarantee fair play and organization. Players must use distinct accounts, and all players begin with the identical equipment, XP lamps, and teleport spells, which are distributed according on level. Certain things cannot be shared, thus each team member must obtain them independently. Furthermore, each player may only accomplish one of each kind of mission, which implies that if one player has already finished a quest, none of the other players can do it in the Group Ironman game mode. All Guilds and minigames must also be completed by each individual player; no shared progress is permitted.

Rush to Wintertodt

Wintertodt is a safe activity that may be utilized to acquire experience in ranged and hitpoints. It is ideal for OSRS group Ironman beginners since it does not involve the usage of combat items like arrows or food. During this action, players fire the braziers around the exterior of the Wintertodt camp to diminish the boss’s health and get prizes. Players may also utilize their cannon to improve their damage output against Wintertodt, although this is not required.

Because the experience obtained from this activity grows with player level and attack level, it’s best to start practicing these abilities as soon as possible to optimize your exp gains. This strategy is recommended for people who want to go to 99 Ranged quickly without spending much time or effort combating monsters in-game till they reach higher levels. Players should be able to go from 1-99 Ranged rather rapidly using this strategy.

Rush to Agility Pyramid

The Agility Pyramid is one of the most effective and fastest methods to raise your Agility stat in Old School Runescape OSRS. While this approach mostly needs a membership to access all material, it may still be a viable alternative for players on a no-membership Ironman account if other strategies are utilized in conjunction.

It is advised that low-level no-member Ironmen undergo some ranged training at Hill Giants before trying the Agility Pyramid. After gaining range experience and saving enough cash for food and armor/weapon repairs, an Ironman should go over to Seers’ Village Courthouse or Al Kharid Palace and begin skilling.

Group Ironman Money Making

Group Ironman Money Making in Old School RuneScape OSRS is an excellent method to generate money. This strategy of generating money is great for group Ironman players who want to start with a modest amount of initial cash since it provides one of the quickest and most efficient returns on investment.

Group Ironman Money Making entails assembling a team of four or five players, each with their unique set of talents and equipment. The squad then takes part in PvP or PvM activities to gain money for the team. This usually entails defeating high-level bosses, performing Slayer missions, murdering other players in PvP environments, and other activities. The prizes for these activities range from things that may be sold back to the Grand Exchange for cash to uncommon drops that can help the team proceed through the game. In order to maximize their gains from playing jointly, several organizations use Grand Exchange flipping methods.

Group Ironman Money Making may be a profitable and exciting method for groups of players to cooperate and earn additional money in OSRS.

Wintertodt (Early Game)

Wintertodt is an excellent pastime for early-game Ironmen since it is simple to learn and may yield valuable rewards. A tinderbox and several logs are required to participate in the Wintertodt. Both of these goods may be found in most sections of the game.

Wintertodt provides a variety of rewards, the most important of which is a choice between mining and woodcutting xp, which is ideal for early game Ironmen aiming to level these abilities. It also drops winter supplies, especially herbs and seeds, which might be useful for those trying to stock up early in the game. All of these benefits make Wintertodt worthwhile for early-game Ironmen or anybody wishing to swiftly load up on resources or xp.

Agility Pyramid (Early Game)

The Agility Pyramid is an early game training location that an OSRS Group Ironman Starter should utilize to increase their Agility level. The Agility Pyramid is situated in the desert south of Sophanem and is accessible by fairy ring code CKP.

Agility Pyramid courses are a terrific way to gain expertise while requiring minimal effort. The pyramid has four tiers, with each level providing 10% more experience than the one before it. It is vital to know that as a group Ironman, you will only gain a portion of the standard experience provided to other players while finishing courses in the pyramid. Having said that, the Agility Pyramid is still an efficient tool for ironmen to get agility experience at an early level in a rapid and simple manner.

Last Man Standing (Early Game)

Last Man Standing (LMS) for short, is an early-game tactic that entails fighting two or more monsters at simultaneously. This necessitates tough gear as well as certain defensive enhancements to keep you alive when battling these beasts. This equipment is a must-have for anyone seeking to go on an Old School RuneScape Group Ironman trek.

The best combinations for LMS include:

  • Iron armour, Obsidian Shield, and Dragon Defender, which give you strong defensive benefits.
  • The Slayer helmet gives you a tremendous damage boost for increased strength and protection against multi-target opponents.
  • Karil’s armour set, which has light armor with strong defensive characteristics, is an alternative arrangement. Having both things available will enable you to flip between them depending on the scenario.
  • In Old School RuneScape Group Ironman modes, employ Amulet of Strength, which provides an all-around benefit in both offense and defense.

Tips for Group Ironman Accounts

Group Ironman accounts are still a popular option for hardcore Old School RuneScape players. Group Ironmen are a group of four players that begin the game together and eventually form an Ironman league. To succeed as a team, each member needs understand the foundations of the mode, how to navigate as a group, and what resources are available to make their experience simpler.

Before starting a group Ironman account, all members must understand what it takes to play in this mode. This includes understanding any ironman-specific limitations, such as no trade or commerce with other players, restricted access to certain regions and goods, and restricted access to resources from others. It’s also a good idea for a group of Ironmen to plan out how they’ll operate together as a team, such as dividing up responsibilities or depending on one another in battle situations.

Furthermore, exploring available resources like as Grand Exchange and Group Task prizes may assist users in optimizing their experience; these awards provide more than just money or XP. Finally, being aware of typical ironmen group faults may assist prevent extra troubles throughout play time.

1. Always combine your quests for maximum efficiency.

Inventory management is essential to the success of any OSRS Group Ironman. To begin with, you should always mix your missions. This will make it easy to keep track of the products you need, saving you time in the long run.

For example, if you’re finishing The Knight’s Sword quest and The Legends’ Quest at the same time, combine all of the items for both tasks into one inventory space to save time switching between them. This will help you keep organized and enhance your inventory space management efficiency.

Furthermore, if you are finishing many missions at the same time, it may be advantageous to expand your inventory space by utilizing an XP lamp or completionist cape, since they both boost storage capacity from 28 to 36 slots depending on which one is utilized.

2. Knock out Diaries while doing quests

Completing the numerous diaries while conducting quests is one of the most time-efficient ways of training magic in OSRS. Every quest grants a set amount of experience in whatever skill it awards, and there are three levels of journals that may be completed to get further experience. The difficulty levels are as follows: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The amount of xp received every quest rises by 25%, 50%, and 75% as you complete each diary tier. As a consequence, finishing all three levels for a single quest might result in a 200% boost.

Completing journals not only increases magic xp gained from missions, but it also rewards players with special spells and materials used for group Ironman activities, such as Magic Imbue and an improved slayer helmet. As a result, group Ironman players should finish all accessible diaries as quickly as possible in order to optimize their efficiency while training magic in OSRS.

3. Always collect items during quests

Group Ironman is an excellent opportunity to test yourself and your RuneScape buddies. Players in Group Ironman are constrained to working as a team to perform objectives, acquire experience, and collect prizes. Players in Group Ironman Mode are not permitted to utilize goods or talents obtained from other players who are not members of the group. This mode is ideal for individuals looking for a more cooperative experience while yet retaining the difficulty of solo Ironman.

This OSRS Group Ironman Starters tutorial explains how to get started with Group Ironman and how it varies from solo Ironman play. This OSRS tutorial will teach you how to efficiently prepare for and execute tasks that need numerous players to collaborate. This tutorial will also cover techniques for gathering materials throughout missions to help you achieve your target levels of magic quicker than ever before. Gathering these things is an important aspect of fast rising up since they offer bonuses that grant XP boosts and raise player stats.

4. Get food ASAP

Food should be obtained as soon as possible, according to any OSRS Group Ironman Starter’s Guide, since ironmen need money for survival while practicing magic. The same could be said for any activity in OSRS.

You may obtain food in a number of ways, from producing your own to purchasing from the Grand Exchange. To begin, training at low-level monsters such as chickens will provide you with enough cooked chicken and feathers to last you a while, but ultimately you’ll need something heartier. Consider purchasing membership bonds so you can buy cooked lobsters/swordfish or sharks/cavefish/shrimps; all of which are fantastic meals that give more healing than lower leveled fish.

Finally, undertake a couple quests that award food items, such as Merlin’s Crystal and Priest in Peril, to guarantee you don’t run out of food along the road.

5. Think Like a Team

In Old School RuneScape, teamwork is important for attaining 99 magic. When building a team, it is critical that all members have same objectives and an understanding of what has to be done. Communication is essential in every game. Each member should understand their role, and similar expectations should be created. Assign responsibilities if feasible so that each member may contribute to the team’s success in a variety of ways.

In addition to communication and cooperation, all team members must have a “think like a team” approach. This includes accepting that growth may need sacrifice and being ready to choose the group above oneself at times. If one person succeeds but the rest of the group fails, progress will be substantially slower than if everyone succeeds together. A successful runescape team should:

  • Treat each other as equals
  • Appreciate each other’s contributions

6. Getting Around

OSRS Group Ironman is a mode created for RuneScape users searching for a little more difficulty in their RuneScape journey. It’s ideal for networking and collaborating to accomplish mutual objectives. Group Ironman, like other Ironman accounts, has specific limitations that make it more difficult. Because players may only trade with other members of their group, they cannot stock up on resources from the Grand Exchange. They also have no access to merchants that sell commodities like armour or weapons, forcing them to build or grow them themselves.

This article will teach you how to become a Group Ironman in Old School RuneScape, including how to choose a decent group and how to build up effective methods of playing together. A Group Ironman experience may be attained with the correct strategy and group makeup:

  • Choose a decent group
  • Build up effective methods of playing together

OSRS Group Ironman Starters Guide Everything You Need to Know