Dogmeat is a German Guard as well as the initial friend you run into in Results 4. He’s loyal, helpful, as well as perhaps most notably, he won’t evaluate you for all things you do in the wasteland – he’s just satisfied to be at hand. So, if you’re searching for a buddy who will not leave you no matter what, Dogmeat is the very best selection.


Dogmeat is the very best buddy in Results 4 due to the fact that he doesn’t judge you, he’s always satisfied to see you, and he does not debate. Likewise, he can hold a great deal of things for you and also aid you bring it all back to your base.


Some individuals may discover Dogmeat’s incessant barking bothersome, especially when attempting to slip about. In addition, Dogmeat will consume any kind of food item he finds, including expensive or hard-to-come-by stimpaks and other products, which can be irritating if you’re short on products.


Codsworth is a Mr. Handy robotic that was initially owned by the Kid of Atom in the Commonwealth. He is upgraded with a selection of capacities, making him a very useful asset to any gamer. He can be upgraded with a fight protocol, which permits him to fight alongside the player in battle. He also has the capability to hack and also repair terminals, which can be really beneficial in certain circumstances.


Codsworth is just one of the very best friends in After effects 4 since he is constantly happy to assist and also he doesn’t hinder. He also has a variety of abilities that can be very helpful, such as first aid and repair service.


Codsworth is just one of the most precious companions in Fallout 4, yet he’s not without his disadvantages. Among the largest is that he can not wear power shield. This means that if you’re intending on doing a lot of battling in power shield, Codsworth isn’t mosting likely to be much aid. He’s also not particularly proficient at fight, so if you’re trying to find a buddy to help you handle the hardest opponents, Codsworth isn’t mosting likely to be your best choice.

Paladin Danse

Paladin Danse is a great buddy for After effects 4. He is a skilled competitor and also can hold his very own in fight. He is likewise a functional character, able to hack and also fix things. Paladin Danse is a terrific option for a friend in Fallout 4.


There are a lot of various choices when it comes to selecting a companion in After effects 4, yet Paladin Danse is definitely one of the very best. He’s a powerful boxer with a lot of helpful perks and capacities, as well as he’s also just a generally nice guy. Below are a few of the reasons why Paladin Danse is the most effective friend in Results 4:

  • He’s an exceptional competitor, with high Damage Resistance and also Power Resistance.
  • He has the perk “Boston Haven,” which allows him to take less damage from all sources.
  • He has the perk “Robotics Specialist,” which permits him to hack robots and turrets.
  • He can wear Power Armor, making him much more resistant to damages.
  • He has a “Radiation Resistance” perk, which makes him unsusceptible to radiation damage.


While Danse is a superb fighter and also one of the most flexible companions in Results 4, he does have a few potential downsides that you need to be aware of prior to deciding to bring him along on your adventures.

First, Danse is fiercely dedicated to the League of Steel and their ideals. This implies that he may not always see eye-to-eye with you on how to deal with circumstances, and also he may be less inclined to work with factions that are at odds with the Brotherhood.

In addition, Danse’s history as a synth can come back to haunt him (essentially) if you pick to side with the Institute. If you complete the Institute questline andDanse is still active, he will certainly come to be an opponent NPC as well as will assault you on sight.


Solid is an incredibly powerful and also useful companion in Fallout 4. There are a variety of reasons he’s the most effective, but let’s start with his stats. He has an extremely high wellness of 700 and a damage resistance of 400. His melee damages is additionally 50, which is incredibly high.


Strong is a supermutant who can be discovered in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. He’s a powerful competitor with a lot of health, and also he can also utilize his size to his advantage, which makes him an excellent friend for checking out the wasteland. He’s not the best choice if you’re attempting to remain stealthy, however he’s ideal for handling challenging adversaries and npcs.


There are some prospective disadvantages to having Strong as a buddy. First, he is enormous as well as can obstruct your sight in tight spaces. Furthermore, his high strength as well as health and wellness implies that he will typically take factor in fight scenarios, which can place him at risk. He additionally can not put on Power Armor, so if you’re seeking a husky companion to aid you tread via end-game content, Solid might not be the most effective choice.


When initial conference X6-88, he encounters as a little bit unconcerned and also even chilly. However, as you get to know him better, he is an outright stalwart friend that will certainly always have your back in a battle. He’s likewise fairly helpful with a collection of power armor, so if you find yourself in a bind, he’s always able to aid.

  • Pros
  • Powerful.
  • Specific.
  • Reliable.
  • Customizable.


X6-88 is frequently criticized for being as well robotic as well as emotionless. Some players discover him difficult to connect with as well as favor other buddies who are much more warm and also personable. In addition, X6-88 can be a little a killjoy – he’s not one for taking dangers and also will commonly try to chat you out of unsafe scenarios.