In Results 4, wood is an useful source that can be utilized to craft and repair a variety of things. It can be found throughout the Commonwealth, however some places are far better than others. In this overview, we’ll show you where to obtain timber in Fallout 4.

Ideal Places to Seek Wood

After effects 4 is a great game that supplies a lot of possibilities for exploration. One of the important things you can do in the game is to collect sources, as well as among one of the most vital resources is timber. In this post, we’ll show you the best areas to search for wood in Results 4.


Among the most effective locations to search for wood in Results 4 remains in forests. There are a lot of trees about, and also you can generally discover some nonessential resting on the ground. Just beware of any kind of emitted locations, as you don’t intend to get as well near to them.

If you have the Far Harbor DLC, there is a good area in the Northeast edge of the map, near the coastline. There is a small woodland there with a lot of trees and nonessential lying around. Just keep an eye out for any Large Anchorite Crabs that might be hiding about!


Swamps are just one of the very best areas to look for wood. There are plenty of trees as well as logs that can be scavenged from this area. Make sure to keep an eye out for aggressive wildlife, however, as a few of the creatures living in swamps can be rather unsafe.

Another excellent place to locate timber remains in deserted buildings. Several structures in Fallout 4’s globe remain in a state of disrepair, and also oftentimes there will be timber existing around inside them. Make certain to work out care when checking out abandoned buildings, as they may be residence to aggressive animals or hazardous traps.

Lastly, another excellent source of wood can be found by looting the remains of animals that make their homes in woodlands or other wooded locations. Lots of animals will certainly have timber on their bodies that can be harvested and made use of for crafting functions.


Deserts are probably the most effective places to try to find timber. You’ll find a lot of cacti as well as other plants that can be utilized for timber. The major issue with deserts is that they’re often ravaged with raiders or various other adversaries. So, you’ll require to be cautious when discovering them.

How to Collect Wood

In Fallout 4, timber can be acquired by chopping down trees. The easiest means to do this is to discover a workbench, which can be located in any kind of negotiation. When you have a workbench, just come close to a tree as well as press the ‘A’ button to cut it down. The timber can then be made use of for building and construction or scrap.

Utilizing a Hatchet

One of the best ways to get wood is by utilizing a hatchet, which can be purchased from a supplier or crafted at a chemistry terminal. Hatchets can be utilized on any type of tree in the game and will produce one item of timber per swing. The type of tree will identify the high quality of the timber received; as an example, Pine trees will certainly generate low-grade wood, while Birch trees will generate top notch wood. Chopping down a tree with a hatchet will certainly additionally sometimes generate acorns, which can be used as bait for hunting animals.

An additional means to get wood is by robbery it from homes, barns, as well as various other structures that have been deserted. Make certain to check inside and outside these frameworks, as wood can often be discovered in both areas. In addition, numerous furnishings items such as chairs, tables, and beds can be junked for wood. Finally, specific opponents such as mirelurks and also Brahmin will go down timber when eliminated.

Utilizing a Chainsaw

Chainsaws are probably the mostcommon method for collecting wood in After effects 4. An excellent power saw can make fast work of any tree, as well as they can be quickly located and also purchased from many stores throughout the Republic.

To utilize a power saw, just walk up to a tree and press the ‘use’ button. Your character will immediately start reducing the tree. When the tree is down, you can after that push the ‘collect’ button to accumulate the wood.


To conclude, you can find timber in many different locations in Fallout 4. These include forested areas, swamps, within structures, as well as near bodies of water. You can additionally acquire wood from specific suppliers, or gamble for it at Diamond City’s Memory Den. Nevertheless you pick to get your wood, just keep in mind that it is an important source for survival in the Wasteland!