Ask any D2 player, and they’ll tell you what all the grinding and farming are for in this game. It’s that feeling of being among your friends, making your way through the garden of salvation destiny 2 raid.

Nothing beats the scenario in which you and the boys are pitted against whatever challenge the developers throw at you. Sometimes, the content gets removed from the game. Raids like Garden of Salvation might become unavailable in future updates, but the memories of you and your friends beating it, figuring out the way to solve puzzles under countless waves of enemy minions, will stay with you for a long time.

And even if it’s not for raids, you still have a ton of other activities in the game that give you the same kind of unforgettable experience thanks to their being both extremely difficult and yet very rewarding. Destiny 2 really tries to make it entertaining for all kinds of gamers—those who love pve content but also those who love to showcase their skills in PvP. Both worlds collide in this game, creating this amazing community that has been passionately supporting the franchise for years. And you can bet your bottom dollar that this community will continue to grow as new games in the series are released.

Is It Too Much RNG?

Of course, the endgame content is not for everyone. It takes ages literally to reach the point in the progression where content like the Garden of Salvation raid is available to you, and even then, you might not be ready to do it. The thing is, you are still going to need to get some good gear and make some adjustments to your class build and such. Then you’d have to find a good team and take some time learning the mechanics of raids. This means that you’re going to fail a couple of times before you can beat any given raid. That can be off-putting for a lot of more casual gamers who just want to enjoy the power fantasy that Destiny 2 certainly has. And let’s not forget that if you don’t already have a constant party, you can play with, finding teammates can be a really bad experience!

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The endgame for PvP lovers is not much different in terms of accessibility and preparation. In order to do Destiny Flawless carry for someone else, you’re going to find yourself losing a lot of matches before you find your footing. The passive process of getting better over time doesn’t work for everybody. And getting better by being coached by someone could really go either way. Usually, competitive gamers don’t even do the coaching as they believe it hinders their own process of improvement. It’s not to say that all competitive players are like that, but nobody really likes to deal with noobs when the chances of failing a perfect winning streak are so high. To sum up, all the things that are required from players are also the things that drive some off. They are:

●    A high Power Level

●    Being equipped with the latest armor and having the most “meta” weapons

●    Understand how builds loadouts work and have one that is considered “meta” for your class

●    Have a deep understanding of the activity mechanics

●    Have a team!!!

These are the things that also make people hire help in the form of Destiny Flawless carry services. That way, people can efficiently improve their skills in a friendly environment with professional gamers.

Why They Do It?

Still, lots of gamers are enjoying these gamers. You might argue that those that love this endgame content are overly competitive gamers. And while this is true, it’s not the only reason. The thing is that the endgame content is actually the only source of the most powerful equipment in the game. We’re talking about unique pieces of armor that give their owner unique abilities or have a cool mechanic that allows them to be combined with other special gear to create insanely powerful combinations.

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It is all about that moment when, at the end of the raid, you finally beat the last boss, and the gods of random decide to smile upon you and grant you that one gun you’ve been trying to get for weeks, maybe even months. This might not sound like a healthy way to spend your free time, but many gamers are hellbound by these mechanics. It does sound bad when you’re not getting what you want after committing all your time to the activity. But then you finally get that gun or piece of armor, and it feels like it was all worth it.

Furthermore, some D2 fans are familiar with this feeling when you’re looking at the lineup of Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris rewards this week and realize that you actually already own all of them. Besides, it always feels great when you get to prove to yourself that your kung fu is better.

Make Your Dreams Come True!

So, it is really up to you to find the reasons why you should partake in the endgame. Do you want to tell everyone how to get Divinity? Or maybe you’d prefer to show off your loot from the Lighthouse. Either way, no matter what they say, the endgame content is just as great as the rest of the game. As many seasons of content as the developers’ release, people will always want more raids and the best Trials of Osiris weapons. That’s just how it goes.

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And don’t worry about not being ready to do this. There are lots of opportunities for casual gamers to join the ranks of hardcore D2 fans. You have all kinds of services online where you can find someone to help you work on your game. Some great Trials of Osiris boost can take you a long way, helping you realize your strengths as a PvP player and find the loadout that speaks to you. The same goes for PvE too. There’s a raiding team out there that is waiting for you to join them and get that infamous Destiny 2 Divinity. So go out there and enjoy the best that this game has to offer!