Since the Wii is now showing its age, it may be a good time to buy one. But Nintendo’s new console might appear soon so perhaps it would be wiser to wait for that before making a decision. Nevertheless, picking up the latest Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 would leave you with little choice about which games are available. Sure, there are a lot of good launch titles but the selection quickly dries up and it may take several months before you can play something new.

Here, we present to you games that are available for both the old and the new generation consoles. You could pick some up now or wait until March 30 when Nintendo’s Wii U is released. We’ve excluded the games that are only available on Wii U such as ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros. U.

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Wii 4 player games

Harm’s Way (Wii, Xbox 360)

it is a dark psychological thriller set in the 1940s. You play as Paul Conway who can’t seem to remember what happened to him or his partner. With no choice but to follow the clues, you go through an adventure like no other where your decisions will determine how the game ends.

Castle Crashers (Wii, Xbox 360)

The game is about four knights who are fighting to rescue a princess. You have to fight your way through hordes of enemies that come at you with their vicious attacks until you finally reach the final boss. It features 25 levels within five different environments.

Toy Stunt Bike (Wii, Xbox 360)

It is a game that actually encourages you to break stuff. All you do is drive through some of the most challenging tracks filled with ramps and obstacles while trying not to tumble over. If you want to get the highest score possible, you must perform tricks like back flips and front flips during your rampage.

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Game Party Champions (Wii, Xbox 360)

It is a game that contains several different minigames which are inspired by classics such as ping pong, checkers and air hockey. You can play against your friends or family in either single or multiplayer modes. Each player picks an avatar to represent them throughout the entire match.

Mario Sports Mix (Wii)

Developed by Square Enix, it has a similar feel to Mario Hoops 3 on DS. It contains four sports: volleyball, dodgeball, hockey and basketball. You can play as your favorite characters from the Mario universe such as Mario, Luigi, Toad or Yoshi. If you’re not satisfied with the standard character’s options, you can mix and match them to create something unique.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS)

It is the sequel of New Super Mario Bros released for Nintendo DS in 2006. The game has pretty much the same basics as its predecessor but there are a few additions that make it more interesting such as Mega Mushrooms that turn your character into a giant and gold coins which you can collect to buy new goodies.

There are also two more Wii games as well as one each for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that we haven’t included. They’re not exactly multiplayer but they may still be interesting choices: Xenoblade Chronicles, Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two and Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

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Even though Wii U is around the corner, there are still plenty of games available for older consoles which you can play with your friends or family. Because Nintendo has now opened up their market to other studios, it seems that the number of titles available is increasing. They’re worth checking out if you have nothing else to do this winter.

Rather than go to the cinema this weekend why not stay in and give these games a try.




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