Games were with us all our life. Some can say that our life is a game. In different centuries people played different games. Today we have the possibilities to play games online via the Internet all over the world.

Some games become a part of our life as the hero inside the game also depends on our real-time spending. There were numerous different games created. For those who would like to test their luck, we can advise you to join 22Bet Nigeria. You can earn pretty nice money there.

Halo Infinite

The insider Sean W posted a video on his channel in which he shared new information about Halo Infinite. According to him, in 2025, the shooter will receive a major addition, comparable in scale to the main game.

The expansion will offer a completely new and diverse world to explore. In any case, more information about the future DLC will have time to appear before this time. There is also a rumor that in the third or fourth season of the shooter, the developers will add a local analog of the royal battle.

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We think it is great when the game is alive and still attracts lots of attention, so the creators have lots of work to do to develop it.

Mount & Blade 2

The developers from the TaleWorlds Entertainment studio talked about the current development progress of Mount & Blade 2. There will be banner lord, console version, and also called new sales data.

Since its early access release on March 30, 2020, they have sold over 3 million copies. TaleWorlds Entertainment has announced that it is already actively working on the console versions of Bannerlord but will still have to wait until the PC version leaves early access.

According to the PS Store database, the game will be released on October 25 on PS4 and PS5 and likely on Xbox. In addition, the creators of the game assured that mods are very important to them, so they even hired several modders.

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Tera Online

One of the most famous MMORPG Tera Online, is closing on June 30. The developers have planned to close all the servers by that time. Also, the developers won’t leave without the last words.

They made an emotional farewell video and published it on their main website. In the video, all the heroes that you meet during the game come to wish the players the best of luck in their future adventures and thank them for playing the game.

The ending video became so emotional, so you better check it on their main website. Indeed, it is a really amazing and, at the same time, frustrating video as the game became a part of life.