You have a choice between two different types of phones- the regular phone and the international version. The international version is designed for travelling abroad to other countries, with a different set of features than the regular phone. This post will explore the differences between these two devices and explain why they’re important to know about if you plan on travelling abroad anytime soon!

What is the international version of this phone?

The international version of this phone is a device that is specifically designed for travelling abroad to other countries. It has a different set of features than the regular phone, which are important to know about if you’re planning on travelling soon!

What’s different between the international version and the US version?

The US and international versions of the phone are not the same. The regular phone is developed with most people’s needs in mind, with a focus on things like texting and talking. The international version is designed for travelling abroad to other countries, with a different set of features than the regular phone. It has more than just texting and talking- you can also use it to navigate by GPS, take photos, and even play games!

I bought a iphone 5s in China, but it doesn’t work well

You might be in luck! If the phone was purchased in China and it doesn’t work, Apple offers a one-year warranty if you purchased the phone at an authorized reseller. If the iPhone 5s was purchased outside of China or from an unauthorized reseller, Apple will not cover the warranty.

However, there are many people who have figured out how to fix these ‘broken’ phones by replacing broken parts with new ones!

My iPhone was blocked after updating to iOS 8.3 , how to unblock it ?

I have an iPhone 6s Plus and it started to get slower, so I decided to update the software. After the update, my phone was blocked at some point. I tried everything- resetting it, restoring it, removing the SIM card and putting it back in- nothing worked! I tried looking online for some solutions but couldn’t find anything that worked. Finally, I found a solution that did work for me on this forum. The person said they had the same problem after updating their phone software before and simply restarting their phone would fix it. And that’s what did the trick for me too!

Compare international and domestic phone plans to get the best deal

The best way to compare phone plans is to sit down and think about how often you call, text, or use data. A lot of people think that they need the most expensive plan when in reality they don’t.

It’s important to know what your budget is when you’re comparing international and domestic phone plans. Some providers will offer an unlimited texting plan, while others will charge by the number of texts or require a monthly fee. A lot of different things are considered when deciding on a contract including the phone model, types of services offered by the carrier, and factors related to the environment in which it operates.


This article discussed the different types of phones available, and how to determine which type is best for your needs. If you’re planning a trip abroad soon, make sure that you know what international phone will work best with your travel plans- this information could be vital if something happens while you’re away from home! It’s important to have an understanding of both domestic and international phones before making any decisions about which one would suit your needs better. In order to find out more information on either device or figure out which plan might work best for you, take some time now to compare rates between providers today.