Wacky wizards – play with fire and get the chili

There’s no need to be scared of the wacky wizards, they’re just looking for some laughs. And, if you’re lucky, they might just share their chili with you.

The wacky wizards are a group of four players, who can be found in the grand exchange. They’re a few levels higher than their combat level suggests. The robes they wear look especially goofy at first glance. But those aren’t ordinary wizard clothes, those are special magic robes! If you want to, you could say that they’re made out of pure win.

And there’s more: They’re not wearing them to look good – they’re wearing them because they are good! And it seems that wearing these robes makes the wacky wizards feel incredibly powerful! If you want to, you could say that they are made out of pure awesome. If you’re wondering if they’ll ever take their robes off, then I have to disappoint you: They won’t! They will never reveal their secret identities. Less is more, or so they say.

But there’s a way of finding out who the wacky wizards really are… In truth, their true appearance is hidden under their robes. If you try to look underneath their robes, they will stop you and ask for a chili dog in exchange for letting you see what’s under their robes.

So, how to get the chili in wacky wizards?

If you’re feeling adventurous, and you’re brave enough to try and get a chili dog from the wacky wizards, then I have some tips for you.

First of all, make sure you have a lot of space in your inventory. They won’t give you a chili dog if you don’t have enough space in your inventory. This is not a sack of magic, so you can’t just pick it up if it’s put on the ground.

When you speak to a wacky wizard, you’ll notice that they demand a chili dog from you before they’ll let you see what’s under their robes. Give them a chili dog and you will be able to ask them what’s under their robes. They’ll remove their robes, and they’ll let you pick a type of magic: air blast, fire bolt or water wave.

  • The air blast has a few special properties: You’ll need it if you want to get the chili in wacky wizards  the earth spell. And it’s the only spell that they’ll ever give you more than once.
  • The fire bolt is always available, but if you want to get the chili in wacky wizards  the earth spell, you’ll need the air blast.
  • If you ask for water wave, then don’t blame me when they show off their true identity…

And when you’re done, give the wacky wizards a pat on their backs and thank them, because they gave you free magic in exchange for a simple chili dog. To do this, you’re going to need a spoon or two . And a bowl. And some chili.

  • Make sure that when you go for the chili, you don’t slip on any of the spilled sauce .

If you do, then the wacky wizards will laugh at you and throw water over your head. You don’t want that to happen – do you? It’ll ruin your hair.

So, make sure you have a bowl and a spoon, and get the chili in wacky wizards before it’s too late! And don’t forget to thank the wacky wizards when you’re done. They deserve it. After all, they gave you some free magic. And finally: The chili is hot! So be careful not to burn yourself on it. And don’t spill it on anyone! It’s sure to cause chaos…


In order to receive a chili dog from the wacky wizards, you must first offer them a trade. The wacky wizards will not give you a chili dog for free – you must trade them something in return.