In the latest Fallout game, ammo is in high demand and can be hard to find. This guide shows you a way to get unlimited ammunition for fallout 4 so you never have to worry about running out again.

How to get ammo in fallout 4

To get infinite ammo in Fallout 4 you need to find yourself a flare gun. Once you find one, go ahead and equip it so you can hold the trigger, but don’t shoot yet. Next, buy some steel at any general store. If you have enough caps then just select that option when talking with the store merchant, but if you’re short on caps then you can also steal the steel. With your flare gun and some steel in hand, find yourself a workshop. Once you have one, go ahead and build a reloading bench.

Once the reloading bench is built, open up the crafting menu and select “ammunition” from the list on the left. It should be towards the bottom of the category list. Scroll down to “other” and select flares. You’ll now be able to craft flare gun ammo from your steel.

Keep crafting until you run out of steel, then go back to any general store and buy more steel or steal some if you need it. Don’t sell the steel off, you’ll need it for crafting in the future. Once you have some more steel in your inventory, go back to your reloading bench and craft some more flares. Keep doing this until you run out of caps or are satisfied with how many flares you have.

Now that you have all the ammo you need, go ahead and equip your flare gun so you can hold down the trigger. If you accidentally shoot the gun at this point it will be gone forever, so make sure to not do that unless you want to start over from scratch.

Once you have your flare gun equipped, drop it on the ground and pick it back up again. This will put it back in your inventory but with the “ammo” flag turned on, which means you can now hold down the trigger to fire it continuously.

Some helpful tips:

-You can also use this method to get unlimited ammunition for other guns in Fallout 4, as long as they use the same ammo.

-Flux sensor grenades do not work with this method because it will automatically shoot when they are equipped.

-Likewise, you can also use this trick for other workshop items that have an “ammo” flag, such as explosives and mines. Keep in mind that only one item is able to be equipped with the “ammo” flag at a time.

-If you want to get rid of your flare gun for whatever reason, just drop it on the ground and pick it back up again. This will unequip it and reset the “ammo” flag. You can then re-equip it and continue firing flares without using any caps.

-You can do this glitch to get unlimited caps, but it is difficult to pull off and must be done at a specific time with multiple items. If you want to try going for unlimited caps you will need a rubber band or something similar placed on your controller trigger buttons so that you can hold down both of them at once.

Ammo in fallout 4 is in high demand and is hard to find, but with this guide you can get unlimited ammunition for fallout 4 so you never have to worry about running out again. All you need is a few supplies that can be found at any general store, including steel which can be bought or stolen.

If you want to try out this unlimited ammo glitch for Fallout 4, then be sure to watch the video below for a tutorial on how to do it. Thanks for reading!