Ever since the release of Apple’s iOS 7 in September, games on the platform have been experiencing non-stop problems. The IOS 7 update has had an adverse effect on many popular game titles since its debut, with some notable losses including Badland [$3.99], RAGE HD [$1.99], and Infinity Blade 2 [$6.99]. The glitch-riddled IOS 7 has not been kind to games, and now we can add one more title to the list of recent casualties: Machinarium [$4.99 / $2.99 (HD)].

Machinarium was an instant classic when it was released in 2009, and won numerous awards including the Excellence in Visual Art award from the Independent Games Festival. The side-scrolling puzzle game has you controlling a small robot as you navigate your way through various industrial environments, solving the puzzles along the way.

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The game has been ported to iOS, and was one of the better titles available on the App Store. Unfortunately, the latest bug-filled update to IOS 7 seems to have caused a lot of problems for Machinarium. According to user feedback on the App Store, the game is prone to crashing, graphical glitches, and other assorted misbehavior.

Users have also complained that the game does not save progress, and requires you to play through levels again instead of taking you back to where you left off (like other puzzle games on iOS do). According to one user’s post on the App Store: “Since the new update for IOS, Machinarium hasn’t been working. The game will start up and then crash before the menu selection appears. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling multiple times and restarted my phone, but it doesn’t work.”

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Apple has not replied to any of these complaints, nor have they removed the game from the App Store (likely because it is one of their featured games). If you own Machinarium on your iOS device, then please be aware that it may stop working at any time. Here’s hoping that Apple fixes whatever bug is causing all these problems soon. In the meantime, you may want to hold off on updating to IOS 7 if you’re a fan of games on your Apple device.

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While the games industry is in a bit of a tumult, there are still some good games to be had on iOS. Here are a few we’ve been playing lately:

  • Guitar Hero Live ($99.99): If you’re into music games, then Guitar Hero Live is a must-have. The game features excellent graphics, a variety of songs to play, and online multiplayer.
  • The Room Two ($2.99): The Room Two is a puzzle game that will keep you occupied for hours on end. It’s one of the best puzzle games available on iOS, and it’s definitely worth your time.
  • Rayman Fiesta Run ($1.99): Rayman Fiesta Run is an excellent side-scrolling platformer that features gorgeous graphics, tight controls, and a wealth of content. If you’re a fan of the Rayman series, then you’ll definitely want to check out this game.
  • Crossy Road ($1.99): Crossy Road is an endless hopper that tasks you with avoiding traffic as you try to make it across the road. It’s a simple concept, but it is very addictive and features great graphics and sound.
  • Monster Dash ($0.99): Monster Dash was a popular game on older versions of iOS, and now it’s available for the first time on the iPhone 5s and iPad Air. The game is a side-scrolling runner in the vein of Temple Run, and it’s a ton of fun.


With that said, there are still some great games to be found on iOS. No matter what you’re into, there’s guaranteed to be something for you. And if you want more suggestions, be sure to check out the forums at http://forums.toucharcade.com/forumdisplay.php?71-iOS-Games