Fallout 4 is finally out and it keeps getting better. The game has been praised for its amazing graphics, vast open world and the best perks system. However, there are some cons that should be taken into consideration before purchasing this game-for instance it can get repetitive, combat isn’t very deep or difficult and the questing system is lacking. Overall, Fallout 4 is a great game but it might not be worth your money just yet because of these crucial flaws.

Fallout 4 had one of the most successful releases in video gaming history and Bethesda did an excellent job with making sure they satisfied their fans’ expectations.

Best perks of Fallout 4

– Vast open world

Some of the best features of Fallout 4 include its vast open world, detailed graphics and many quests. The vast open world allows players to explore and travel wherever they want, while the detailed graphics make the game look realistic. There are also many quests to keep players busy for hours on end.

– Amazing graphics

– Detailed graphics

– Many quests

Emotional benefits:

– You can be whoever you want to be in this game.

– The best perks system ever made.

For the true Fallout 4 fan

These flaws are not a big deal and they will enjoy the game regardless. The graphics are amazing, the world is vast and there are plenty of things to do. The best part is that the flaws can be easily overlooked because of how much fun the game is.

Only for people who have completed the game

If you have completed the game, then there are some great mods that you should check out. One of the best mods is the Fallout 4 mod called ‘The Commonwealth’. This mod greatly expands the game’s world by adding new areas, NPCs, items and quests. It also makes the game more difficult and introduces new challenges for players.

Get your perks right away!

To get your perks right away, you’ll need to find the Perk magazines. There are a total of 20 Perk magazines in Fallout 4 and they’re all very well hidden. The good news is that we’ve got a handy guide to help you find them all.

Don’t worry about wasting time getting Perks, get them faster with our guide! With 20 random locations to explore, you might need some help finding the ones that give you boosts. The good news is that we’ve found all of these locations and have compiled them in one convenient place for you-check it out below!

#1: The first Perk magazine can be found in an unmarked house on the west side of the map. It’s hidden behind a locker in the corner of the basement.

#2: Another is hiding up in Cambridge Police Station sitting on a desk in the upstairs office.

#3: In Suffolk County Charter School, head downstairs to find a table with a copy on top of it


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