In this post, the author provides a comprehensive guide on how to play Guns of Glory effectively. He covers everything from base building and troop composition to battle tactics and strategies. This post is a must-read for any player looking to improve their skills and dominate the game.

The Guns of glory manual

  • Troop Composition

One of the most important aspects of playing Guns of Glory is troop composition. Troops can be divided into three categories: melee, ranged, and siege. The following table shows the different types of troops and their corresponding damage values.

Type Damage Melee Infantry 20 Ranged Infantry 10 Melee Cavalry 30 Ranged Cavalry 15 Siege Infantry 5 Siege Cavalry 10

When building your army, you need to ensure that the types of troops in your army meet the value thresholds to defeat the enemy army. Troops are recruited at a higher number than their actual strength. For example, Infantry have 3 strength but 7 hitpoints so they will only defeat other equivalent Troops when their number is at least 7. The number of troops required to achieve this can be found in the following table.

Type Number Melee Infantry 6 Ranged Infantry 3 Melee Cavalry 8 Ranged Cavalry 4 Siege Infantry 2 Siege Cavalry 3

  • Base Building

In order to be successful in Guns of Glory, you need to build a strong base. The following tips will help you construct a formidable base that will withstand enemy attacks.

– Start by building your walls and towers. The walls protect your troops and buildings from enemy fire, while the towers provide additional firepower.

– Make sure to place your buildings in the correct order. The most important buildings should be placed in the center of your base, while the less important buildings can be placed on the edges.

– Place your resource buildings near your walls so that they are protected from enemy fire.

– Make sure to garrison your troops in the towers and walls to protect them from enemy attacks.

– Upgrade your walls and towers as soon as possible to make them stronger and more resilient to enemy fire.

  • Battle Tactics and Strategies

Now that you have a strong base, it’s time to learn some battle tactics and strategies that will help you defeat the enemy. The following tips will help you win battles and dominate the game.

– It’s important not to attack an enemy base until you know that you have the numbers advantage. Your troops only need to outnumber your enemies troops by 1 in order to defeat them. If you attack with more than 1, then the battle is over before it even starts and you will lose automatically.

– When attacking a base, always send your melee troops in first. They will deal the most damage to the enemy and will be able to take down the towers and walls.

– After the melee troops have taken down the towers and walls, send in your ranged and siege troops to finish off the base.

– If you are attacking an enemy base and they start to retreat, don’t follow them. They are trying to lure you into a trap where they will have more troops waiting for you.

– If you are losing a battle, don’t be afraid to retreat and save your troops. You can always come back later and attack again.

In conclusion, these are just some of the tips that you need to know in order to win battles and become one of the greatest Guns of Glory players.  Use the information in this article to help you build a strong base and formulate winning battle tactics. Good luck!