The objective of this post is to teach players who are new to the game the best locations for farming Ether in Destiny 2. This resource will help them gain maximum benefit from their time investment on each planet, making it more likely that they will hit their Power Level goals.

Ether is a resource that is used to upgrade gear and weapons in Destiny 2. It is important to get as much of it as possible, as it will make your progress through the game smoother and easier. The best way to farm Ether is by doing Public Events and then collecting the rewards that are dropped after the event is completed.

Destiny 2 Ether Farm- what is it?

A Destiny 2 Ether Farm is a location where players can go to farm Ether quickly and efficiently. There are many different farming locations in the game, but the ones that will be discussed in this post are the best for acquiring Ether.

The best location to farm Ether is on Titan. There are two ways to go about this Ether Farm, both of which can be done solo or with a group.

  • Step One: Go the Drain Lost Sector near the spawn point and stand within it until your Ghost collects 10-15 Transmat Devices – these are yellow floating orbs that are dropped by Fallen enemies.
  • Step Two: Look for small, metallic plates on the ground within the Lost Sector that you can stand on to keep your Ghost standing there indefinitely. Start with the first plate and teleport out immediately after you spawn in. Every time you spawn back into the farm after being teleported, look at your Ghost’s progress – if it has not advanced to the next plate, then one of them isn’t active. Jump off the farm and around until you find two properly working plates.
  • Step Three: Once there are two functioning plates, kill all enemies in the area. This will trigger an Ether drop from a Major Fallen enemy on some occasions. If it does not happen immediately after killing all enemies, wait a minute or two and then check again.

The best way to farm Ether on Nessus is to complete Public Events. There are many different types of Public Events that can be found on Nessus, but the ones that drop Ether are the Injection Rig, the Control Point, and the Conflux events.

In order to get a reliable way of starting the Injection Rig event, you must first complete the Spidertank Heroic. It is located in Watcher’s Grave on Nessus and completing it opens up an entire portion of the map for your fireteam to explore. Once you have completed this Heroic Public Event, wait around until there is about 1:30 left on the clock and then head to the Injection Rig. You will know that it has started when you see a large, yellow machine in the center of the area.

The Control Point event can be found near The Carrion Pit. This is a Heroic event, but it’s not as difficult as some of the others. All you have to do is take over the capture point and defend it for a minute or two. It will drop Ether very often, sometimes even dropping two at once.

The Conflux event is fairly straightforward – all you have to do is stand within the purple rings that appear during the Public Event. This will teleport enemies into an arena where they are easily killed. The event will end and drop Ether shortly afterwards.

So, the best way to farm Ether in Destiny 2 is by doing Public Events. However, the best locations change depending on what type of gear or weapons you are trying to get.