Disney+ Is Bringing us Cory in The House Next Year!  It’ll be exciting to see this show on Disney+.

They announced that they will be adding 3 all-new original shows to their new streaming service in 2020. These are; “”100 Years of Magic“, “”The Wonderful World of Roger Rabbit“ and Cory in The House.

Now we know that Disney+ is launching on November 12th 2019 but no official date for the show so far.

Disney will eventually launch a new streaming service after they announced their plan to stop offering all their content on Netflix.

Disney+ will be $7 per month for an individual subscription, $75 annually or $60/year for Family subscriptions.

It is currently the only place to stream every live-action Disney movie in one place when it launches in November 2019.  We will definitely get tons of new cory episodes at Disney Plus.

Who is Cory In The House and why should I care about him?

Cory in the House is a spin-off of the popular Disney Channel show, That’s So Raven. It follows Cory Baxter, who has moved from San Francisco to Washington D.C. to live with his dad, a congressman, and work as the family’s live-in handyman. Along with new adventures in politics, Cory must also juggle the challenges of middle school and dating.

The show originally aired from 2007-2008 for two seasons, but will now be coming to Disney+ in 2020. With the Cory in The House re-boot, there’s no telling what crazy adventures he’ll get into this time around!

So if you’re a fan of Disney or any of the original cast members, be on the lookout for Cory in The House on Disney+ next year!

What does Disney Plus do well, what could they improve on?

Disney’s new streaming service seems to be doing everything right so far. They announced that they’ll have all 7 seasons of The Office available on day one; they’ve got a deal with the NBA and you can bet we’ll see some Disney+ original programming as well.

What is really exciting about this news though: Cory in The House will be available on Disney+ in 2020. No official date for the show or service so far though.

Disney will eventually launch a new streaming service after they announced their plan to stop offering all their content on Netflix. We know that this is coming no matter what, but it’s nice to see how much more quickly Disney seems to be working towards that end. The only way you can go wrong with this is if they launch the service too early or don’t promote it enough to get people subscribing, but that’s another story entirely.

Why is it important to have a streaming service like Disney Plus?

Disney quickly realized that if they didn’t get in on the streaming game, they’d be leaving tons of money on the table. So what’s stopping them? They would have to remove all their content from other streaming services like Netflix – which they did earlier this year.

With Disney Plus, you’ll never have to leave your love for Disney Channel shows and movies behind again. Plus with a price point of $7 a month for an individual subscription, Disney is making sure that fans can get their fix with ease!

Why is cory in the house not on disney plus?

Disney is on track to release their own streaming service, Disney+, in November of this year. The service has already announced three new original shows that will premiere on the platform, one of which is Cory in the House – a spin-off of the popular show That’s So Raven. However, there is no official date for Cory in the House yet, and it is unclear whether the show will be available on Disney+ at launch.