When you play Animal Crossing, one of the things you might enjoy most is designing your house. There are many different ways to design your house, and you can change it whenever you want. Here are some tips to help you design your perfect house in Animal Crossing.

The first step is to choose a good location for your house. There are many different places to build your house, including rivers, beaches, where the land meets water or cliffs. You can also design your isle if you have Wild World. A good location for animals would be near a fruit tree, so they come to visit more often.

The next step is to choose what kind of roof you want. There are many different types of roofs to choose from, including a thatched roof, Japanese roof and even a pagoda. You can also select the color of your roof.

After you’ve chosen your roof, it’s time to choose your walls. You can select from many different colors and designs for your walls. If you want your walls to look like wood, pick the right color and you’ll see a wooden pattern on your walls.

The final step is to add furniture and flooring. You can select from many different colors and patterns. You can even decide whether or not you want carpeting in your house, or if you want tiles or checkered floors instead.

Acnh house interior ideas

Acnh house interior ideas can be found in the street, in towns where you play. It is also interesting to design houses with your friends using jump or wifi. There are many online games like Evercrack which give players an option for designing houses.

After you’ve created your house, why not take snapshots? Then you can print them out and use the photos to help you design your house even better. There are many different ways to design your house in Animal Crossing, so use these tips to create the perfect home for you and your friends. Have fun!

How to get a perfect score on your home

In order to get a perfect score on your home, you must have excellent Feng Shui everywhere. If you just follow the tips above, you’ll be very close to getting a perfect score. There are other things that will help you reach a perfect score, such as:

Don’t put two different types of trees together (for example, don’t put a palm tree next to a pine tree).

Don’t have your front door in the corner.

Make sure all of your furniture is facing the right way.

Avoid having any sharp objects in your house (for example, avoid having knives or swords on display).

Make sure you have plenty of plants and flowers in your house.

Planning out the layout of your house

It’s important to plan out the layout of your house before you actually start designing. If you don’t plan, it will be really difficult and time-consuming to change things later on. Here are some tips:

Think about what kind of furniture and flooring you want. Make a list so that you don’t forget anything.

Furniture and other items you can place inside your home

In Animal Crossing, you can place a wide variety of different furniture and other items inside your home. Here are some of the most common items:

  • Furniture: Chairs, tables, sofas, beds, wardrobes, fridges, sinks
  • Decorations: Paintings, photographs, lamps, statues, plants
  • Other: Rugs, carpets, flooring, wallpaper, roofing, doors, windows


Designing your house can be fun and rewarding! Remember: if you don’t like what you’ve designed, you can always change it later. So you never have to worry about designing a perfect house right away; just start making one and see how it goes! But remember: the more Feng Shui points your house has, the better! So make sure you use the tips above to design your perfect home.