How To Build In Astroneer?

Astroneer is an indie game by System Era Softworks released on Steam Early Access in September of 2017. Astroneer is a sandbox exploration and survival game set on the surface of a distant planet where players can explore, collect resources, build shelters and vehicles to help them cope with their harsh environment. How do you… Continue reading How To Build In Astroneer?

How To Beat Umbra?

Umbra is a game in which you navigate through pixelated world, collecting coins and avoiding enemies. The more challenging levels require quick thinking with your limited resources. Can you win? Can you get Umbra in Skyrim? Umbra is a type of creature in the Elder Scrolls series. Its not possible to get an Umbra in… Continue reading How To Beat Umbra?

How To Beat Sierra?

Sierra is a game released in 1994, and it still has players on the internet. There are four levels of difficulty for you to try your hand at: easy, medium, hard, expert. You can find more information about this here: How do I defeat Sierra? Sierra is a boss in Beat Saber, Beat Saber… Continue reading How To Beat Sierra?

How To Beat Nano Virus?

The Nano Virus is a new malware, and botnet which has been spreading across the internet. It attempts to perform malicious activities that can be found on compromised machines who have this virus installed. The virus will shut down your computer’s CPU in an attempt to stop you from using any antivirus software or even… Continue reading How To Beat Nano Virus?

How To Beat Leader Cliff?

Many gamers struggle with trying to get past the leader board in games, especially when they are playing on mobile. This article will provide a few methods for beating those tough levels and achieving victory! How do you battle a team leader? A team leader is a player who has been designated as the leader… Continue reading How To Beat Leader Cliff?