The video game industry continues its development, the thematic community is growing every day, and more and more game bloggers are appearing. On social networks, they generate interesting content, advertise new games, and create a loyal community around their account. There are many advantages to being a game author on the web – at a minimum, you’ll get fame, be able to monetize content, and earn extra money on what you like. Where do they run gaming blogs? It can be TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and others, but now there is a tendency to choose first – the target audience is concentrated here, that is, young people from 16 to 30 years old.

Can you, being a gamer, create an account in the youth network and make it successful in 2022? Of course! But to do this, you need to have an excellent promotion strategy and have an idea of effective ways to attract the target audience. Today we’ll talk about why you need to publish content everywhere, how you can buy TikTok followers instantly, and what hashtags you need to use. Having this information it’ll be easier for you to navigate the platform and increase a fanbase. Keep reading!

Why Should Your Content be Everywhere?

Many newbies recklessly rely solely on the traffic that TikTok offers them. They believe that sooner or later, algorithms will deliver their videos to FYP, and then they’ll get fame. But this is not enough if your goal is to expand your fanbase and become famous as quickly as possible. You see, your potential viewers are not only in TikTok but also outside of it.

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Strive to make your videos as visible as possible: publish clips wherever you have personal pages. You can also advertise your content on Twitch streams or mention a new page in a YouTube video. Write links in the descriptions of your pages and under each published short video. This is a real opportunity to increase the number of interactions with your content and make it more viewable.

Why do Bloggers Use Paid Services, and How Does This Effect Account Statistics?

You won’t be surprised if we say that most of the now famous bloggers used third-party help to achieve fame. This is obvious because promotion using free promo methods can take weeks or even months. At the same time, the result is not guaranteed – users may not pay attention to your creativity. To prevent this from happening, blog authors turn to specialized companies and buy TikTok followers. This way, they gain an advantage and make their page flourish; activity grows, and the gaming profile becomes more attractive. In addition, the rating of the account is improving, and this contributes to the more frequent inclusion of your clips in the recommendations of other users.

But you need to make a purchase wisely – read the reviews and study the site before paying, not to accidentally get bots or fakes under the guise of genuine pages; this may be followed by a ban.

What Hashtags Can You Use to Increase Visibility?

Thematic hashtags are important and should be included in the promotion strategy if you plan to achieve virality. Literally, everything on TikTok depends on which hashtags you write in the description of the clip – choose those that are popular in your niche but don’t forget about the frequently used “fyp,” “for your page,” “recommendations,” etc. Bloggers confirm that videos with such keywords are more often delivered to recommendations and have a great potential to become viral.

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You can also participate in hashtag challenges. For example, take part in a challenge on a new chapter of Fortnite; your audience will like it!