Watching players try to gain points in a Kabaddi match is interesting. The dazzling moves, mind-boggling tactics, and energy make it a game of pure entertainment.

This post will walk you through all the questions people ask about the Pro Kabaddi League and the answers, so let’s get into it.

How Are Points Given In Pro Kabaddi?

Gaining points in Pro Kabaddi doesn’t come without a sweat; you must coordinate as a team. Two teams participate in a match, and the referee awards points (five points to the team that emerges victorious) according to how the team performs.

In the case of a tie, both teams share three points. If the margin of defeat is less or equal to seven points, the losing team gets one point. However, no point is issued to the losing team if the margin of loss is more than seven.

As a raider, you must always watch out; if three defenders or below catch you, the defending team takes an additional point. The Raider will get a bonus if he crosses the bonus line. And if you catch the Raider after he crosses the bonus line, you get an additional point.

Who Won Season 2 Kabaddi?

The season two finale face-off was one of a kind; Bengaluru Bulls, the defending champions, were dusting off U Mumba, their long-term rivals. Having beaten the Patna pirates(consistent league winners) in the semifinals, the Mumbai-based team had all it takes to win the title.

This time around, the U Mumba tigers, led by the mighty Anup Kumar, had a better plan with the support of their fans. They beat Bengaluru Bulls and became Pro Kabaddi Winners of 2015.

Who Is the No 1 Raider In Pro Kabaddi?

Over the years, Pro Kabaddi has produced many talented top raiders, but without a doubt, the legendary Pardeep Narwal still carries the flag as the leading Raider of all time. His outstanding performance helped his team(Patna Pirates) win three PKL titles.

Out of 140 matches, the decorated and influential player boasts 1432 raid points. Fans call him the “Dubki King” for being the first player to score more than ten raid points per match in a Pro Kabaddi league.

Who Is Highest Raid Points In Pkl 2022?

The ninth season of the Pro Kabaddi league started on a higher note, with players already aiming to break and set new records. No stone is left unturned for Naveen Kumar, one of the best raiders of our times from Dabang Delhi. He has already bagged 138 raid points from 11 matches, cementing his lead as the highest Raider in PKL 2022.

Who Are The Highest Points In Pkl?

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Even as teams continue to register good performance in the league, Patna Pirates’ performance remains unmatched. The team boasted of winning with the highest team scores and managed a spree of wins (three championships). Pirates also brag about Pardeep Narwal, the most expensive player in the league’s history produced and the world’s top scorer.

Which Is The Lowest Score In Kabaddi?

The lowest point to be scored in the Kabaddi tournament was in a match between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Patna Pirates, where Jaipur Pink Panthers registered 5 points.

Who Is The Best Player Of Vivo Pro Kabaddi?

Topping the list of the best players is Vijay, who has been a game-changer in tough matches. He is an all-rounded player who can play as a raider and defender and scored 157 raid points in the previous season, winning five tackles. Vijay’s Success dates back to his team winning last season’s Pro Kabidi championship.

How Many Are Pro Kabaddi Leagues There?

Pro Kabaddi league tournaments take place annually, the first season game dating back to 2014. The ninth league game (Season nine) is currently ongoing and expected to end in December 2022.

Who Are The Highest Raid Points?

Having breached the 1000-point mark in many games during his career tenure, Pardeep Narwal (Dubki King) is the highest Raider with an equivalent of 1404, the highest in his 137 matches. In the ongoing league, Naveen holds the top position with 138 games in the 11 games he has played.

What Is Super 10 In Kabaddi?

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Many raiders have stamped their names in the Kabaddi’s history book by scoring ten cumulative points or the match, this achievement is called Super 10. A few players, such as Pardeep Narwal, have scored more than 10 points consecutively and garnered a total of 68, hence maintaining the Super 10-mark record.

In Summary

India is home to many sports—from cricket to the Indian premier league and Kabaddi. Kabaddi is a new gem in the mix that has taken the airwaves and is the second-most-viewed game in all corners of India. The introduction of Pro Kabaddi has brought the start to the mainstream in a big way, making them household names.