Tombola is among the best UK bingo sites. It has cemented its place among the elites due to their amazing selection of unique bingo games that one can play. Their ticket prices range from 1p to £2. They also have an amazing customer support system that help players navigate through their fun and exclusive bingo games. This article will review the best exclusive online bingo games offered at Tombola.


This is a card based bingo game that you can play with a stake ranging from 5p to even 40p per hand depending on the player preference. The number of players playing one hand ultimately affects the amount of the prize money. It is possible for more than one player to win a hand. When this happens then the prize money will be divided among the number of winners.

This game has a jackpot system that has three tiers. When you match five cards in hand within five to seven calls, you win the jackpot. In cases where there are more than one winners, the prize will be shared equally depending on the number of winners.

Cinco is easy to navigate and play. First, one has to select a Chat room from the lobby. This is followed by purchase of tickets with prices depending on the chat room limit. Ticket prices are unique to each chat room. One cannot alter the price of a ticket but can decide on the number of tickets to be purchased. You can buy up to five tickets. Each chat room allows for about Seventy five players and if there is trouble getting into your room, their Chat Moderators are always ready to assist you.


This is also another exciting bingo game exclusive to Tombola. Its unique characteristic is that there is always a chance for you to win back your stake just like the name suggests. This is made possible through team colors. If your team colour is the winning title then you will get back your stake. Stake back is easy to play. You just have to choose the game in the lobby then purchase tickets ranging from 10p to £2. After this, you select your team colour and get ready for the game.

The objective of this game is to match ten numbers from a possible thirty numbers. The first player to do this wins. If the winner does so in 14 calls or less gets to win the jackpot. It is worth noting that even though you might not have won, you will win back yours take if the winning tile was your team colour. Chat Room moderators are always available in case you encounter difficulties navigating or even playing Stakeback bingo.

Bingo roulette

Justas the name goes, this exciting game blends bingo and roulette. The game has four Chat Rooms namely, Luxor, Mirage, Bellagio and Venetian. Tickets cost 10p in Luxor and Mirage Chat Rooms. In the Venetian and Bellagio rooms they cost 25pand 50p respectively.

Once you choose your preferred Chat Rooms and chip colors, you are ready for the game. You can either choose to automatically place your eight chips or pick your own numbers.  Once the called number matches your number, it is removed from the table. The objective of the game is to clear your table with in the shortest calls. In order to win the jackpot you will need to clear our board in 12 calls or less.

Pulse bingo

This is another amazing bingo game that you will only find at Tombola. This game adds the floating pulse bubbles that guarantees more fun compared to ordinary bingo. Stakes for Pulse bingo range from as low as 10p to £2. Just like other games, the Pulse prize is dependent on the stake.

The game also has a two tier jackpot that you can win when you complete the game in16 or 19 calls. In situations where there are more than two winners then the Pulse prize will be shared equally among the number of winners. This however does not apply to jackpots. The jackpot price is paid in full regardless of the number of winners.

The game has 11 Chat Rooms that you can choose from. Once you have selected your desired room and ticket price then you are ready for the game. Your numbers will be floating on the screen at the beginning of the game and will automatically pop when they are called. The game also allows you to mark or pop called numbers manually.