Would you like to play like a pro at Genshin Impact? Well, the good news is, now you can!

But you might wonder how that’s possible since you’re just a regular player. Well, there are some tricks you can use to level up your game manifold!

For instance, you can mix up the elements and characters, use the characters’ height, weapons, diving attacks, quick loot, and a lot more while playing. When you start to play more with a character and element, you can find out more tricks.

Let’s talk about some important tips for Genshin Impact that will help you play like a pro.

Continually Change Elements And Characters

Pay attention to the characters in Genshin Impact if you want to do well. You can’t just focus on one character and ignore the other three slots. You need to find out more about each character and use their potential.

Switch between the characters often and focus on the character’s details to increase your gaming efficiency.

No Waiting To Roll 10 Fate

Do you find the wish system a bit confusing? Well, it needs more attention. If you roll or wish ten times, you will get a 4-star weapon or character.

But for every ten rolls, you can also get a 4-star. It can happen all at once or one at a time.

You can use the system for 5-star rewards as well. Players who don’t roll an 89 will get a 5-star on the 90.

Also, the count starts over if a player receives a 4-star weapon or character before the 10th roll.

Passives Help in Open World and Combat

Do you want to check out the game’s open-world part? Then Klee, Amber, Katya, Venti, and other characters can be helpful.

The passives of these characters can do things like mark ore on the mini-map or make swimming, gliding, and running easier on your stamina. As soon as you get a character’s passive, you can use it.

Also, when the character reaches phase 2 and beyond, you will be able to use passive abilities for a few of them. It is one of the best Genshin Impact tips to help you play like a pro.

Sprinting Isn’t Always Wise.

Holding the sprint is a typical mistake that many amateurs make! It quickly drains your stamina.

Players often have a button that lets them “sprint” to a place quickly. But it can make a big difference in how much energy there is.

You don’t have to hold down the sprint button to make it go faster. You can just tap it.

If you hold down the sprint button, you can get help from characters like MONA and AYAKA. But remember that not all characters follow the sprint rule.

Character Height is Important

Use characters based on how tall they are. It will help you do very well at this game, just like a pro.

But you might wonder what difference height makes in a game. Well, it’s hard to explore the game when your stamina runs out quickly. You could fall off a cliff or drown in the water. Your character’s stamina will go down if the accident happens.

Characters like Diluc and Zhongiu, who are taller, have unique traits like being able to reach higher and take longer steps. But minor characters take up less space, which makes them great for getting around barriers and through small spaces.

Some Abilities Can Be Used Outside of Battle

Are you making the most of the skills your character has? Their skills are not just for fighting.

The main way to fight in Genshin Impact is with elemental bursts and skills. But you can also use their skills to go on adventures and figure out puzzles.

For example, you can get to places that are hard to get to by using Keqing’s essential skill, “teleport.”

Also, Beidou can figure out how to solve the puzzles in Inazuma’s lightning strike probes by using its electro shield skill.

Mark Shrines and Oculi

The oculi and shrines of the depths are limited. The Oculi are similar to the Korok Seeds from Breath of the Wild in that they may be found almost anywhere.

But there is an issue. There is no mark on the map to distinguish them. As a result, it is preferable to use the map pin system to mark Shrines and Oculi as you find them.

Instant-Cast-On Swap

Did you know that there are instant-switch elemental bursts? The players can switch between characters and use the elemental burst of both characters at the same time.

This is possible because the game has a macro built in. It’s also one of the most brilliant Genshin Impact tips to help you play like a pro.

Plunging Attacks Are Easier With Double-Anemo

Plunge Attacks are thought to be very useful in the Genshin Impact. It’s not the best thing, but it does change the game in its own way. You can use them whenever you want, which makes them very useful.

Users of Double Anemo can make attacks that drop down like normal jumps. But players extinguish 15% less stamina and move ten times faster because of it. Plus, it’s easy for them to use the same attack over and over again.

Scrolling the Mouse to Loot Items Faster

Does it take you a long time to collect items in Genshin Impact? You can do it faster and save time. It can make the difference between a normal player and a pro-level player.

To get the items, move your mouse up and down while pressing the button over and over. It’s best to get the items quickly.

Buying Local Specialties Earns Battle Pass Points

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular online games in 2022. But most players don’t know about a certain trick. You will find two missions in the battle pass each week. The goal is to find 100 things that are unique to Liyue and Ronstadt.

Things like Glaze Lilies, Cor Lapis, and Juyen Chills from Liyue. Dandelion seeds, Phiklanemo mushrooms, and Valberries are also for Mondstadt.

You can also buy these things from NPCs who are selling them. They are spread throughout Teyvat. For example:

  •   Cholris: She can be found in the Windriuse area on the main road. She is Flora’s sister.
  •   Flora: She has a shop in Mondstadt called Floral Whisper.
  •   The Bubu Pharmacy: The shop is owned by Qiqi and is in Liyue Harbor.


Most Characters Do Cool Things

There are lots of little tricks in each of the characters. If you know these tips, you can get the most out of character.

The people who made the game didn’t set up these tricks on purpose, but they ended up cropping up coincidentally. Whatever their origins, they can help players level up their game! Here are a few more examples.

  • Klee is a Genshin Impact expert on explosives who seems to be hiding something. This character has a move that lets it cancel its jump, which speeds up its auto attack.
  • Auto-attacking is what Ningguang does while moving forward. The character massively speeds up the attack speed.
  • Dash cancels out of Bennett’s Level 2 Variant of Passion Overload to avoid getting hit.

There are more characters and more amazing tricks waiting for you to use them.

Value Lower-Ranked Weapons

Which weapons are the best? Weapons with five stars! The Standard banner place is where you can find them.

Add 3 or 4 stars to your less-powerful weapons. You can begin your journey with one of three weapons.

Then you can tweak and improve them in the future. It will help you move up through the ranks faster. Some common weapons can have huge effects on your game.

For instance, the White Tasselka and the Slingshot Bow can show off their powerful special effects. The normal damage can be increased by the white tassel.

If you combine this weapon with other ones of the same type, the damage you can cause could go up by as much as 48%. To be honest, for a low-level weapon, that’s not bad.


Some gamers do not use the characters and game plots correctly. It ruins their gaming experience and stops them from becoming pro-level players.

However, using the best characters, skills, and aspects can help you to play and win like a pro.

Each game stage you pass will provide you with new features and objects to use. Make the most of them, and acquire superstar gaming abilities!

The article provides the Genshin Impact tips to help you play like a pro. So use those tricks now and experience the Genshin Impact game even better.