You have probably heard such concepts as front-end and back-end development. What do they really mean, and what is the difference between them? Let’s deal with everything in order.

What is Front-end?

This term is understood as the development of the user interface and functions that work on the client-side of a specific resource. In other words, this is everything that the browser can read and display in front of the user on the screen or run. The front-end is a kind of public side of the application with which the consumer can interact by establishing contact directly.

Front-end development is the process of creating a given part of the application. Everything that the user sees when he visits a particular page.

The Front-end Contains Several Components:

  • HTML (document markup language, which creates headings, paragraphs, lists, etc.);
  • CSS (a language used to describe and style a document, thanks to which the necessary fonts, colors are set, blocks are placed in a certain way, etc.);
  • JavaScript (a language that reacts to the actions of site visitors: mouse clicks, cursor movements, keystrokes).

Front-end development involves painstaking work, as a result of which each icon, button, or text is in its place, looks holistic, and does not interfere, do not overlap (the so-called web layout). And anyone can visually see the code of the page in their browser. At the same time, it is important not only the external design of the resource, but that all its elements fulfill their intended purpose, i.e., with their help, it was possible to carry out any action.

Therefore, in order to release a high-quality product, a front-end developer will have to establish interaction with other specialists: programmers, marketers, designers, and others.

What is a Back-end?

The back-end is everything that runs on the server. Based on this, back-end development is work on software tools aimed at implementing the resource logic. This part is hidden from the user’s eyes because it takes place outside of his browser or a particular computer.

The site developer, in this case, uses the resources that are on the server. At the same time, his duties can vary significantly, depending on which product is in question. So, a specialist can create, and integrate databases, ensure the security of a resource, configure backup technologies or restore information.

The back-end is the process of connecting the user to the server, which cannot be traced with the naked eye.

The Difference Between Frontend and Back-end Development, Their Interaction

The main differences between these concepts are that one of them (front-end) is everything that the user sees when working with the site, and the other (back-end), on the contrary, is out of sight of a person. These are two parts of the same project, one whole, and there are several options for how they will interact with each other.

Usually, the whole process goes cyclically:

  • The front-end collects user information and forwards it to Back-end;
  • Data is being processed;
  • The information is returned by taking a human-readable form and completing the request.

The differences between the Frontend and the Back-end of the site are significant since a separate specialist is responsible for each of the above tasks, and a successful result is possible only with complementary teamwork.

It is easiest to understand the features of their interaction with an example. So, when paying for purchase on the Internet, you fill in your card details, click the “pay” button and receive a notification that the payment has passed. This is pure front-end. But how the money moves further through the network, how the seller receives your order – you don’t see it; this is the back-end.

How to use the Services of an Experienced Developer?

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