If you want to learn how to play casino games in GTA 5 online or aviachip aviator, this Rockstar Games production could be what you need for relaxation and money. You can play the game with a PlayStation (PS4), XBOX 1, or PC online. To play GTA 5 on any of those platforms, buy the software from online game stores like EPIC. Buy chips of $500 minimum or pay for VIP membership. Launch the game and create an online character and follow the on-screen tutorial to play GTA online.

This piece will explain what Gambling in GTA 5 is and what slots and Blackjack are in GTA 5. You will also learn to play three card poker and Roulette in GTA 5. Let’s explain how to play casino games in GTA 5 online.

What is Gambling in GTA 5?

Gambling in GTA 5 started after the first update of the Diamond casino resort. The update lets you see special casino missions and gambling games. This is how to play casino games in GTA 5 online.

Visit the casino part of the GTA online game to play for real money. To start gambling in a casino inside GTA 5, inside the Grand Theft Auto Online, log on to Diamond casino and Resort. Buy a $500 bundle or VIP membership for XBOX 1 or PS4 to play any casino game you prefer by following the on-screen rules. You can play Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, three-card Poker, and more.

Now, let’s explore how to play those games in GTA 5 online.

What are Slots in GTA 5?

Now that you know how to play casino games in GTA 5 online, log on to the Vinewood casino to play slot machines. Like real online casinos, the slot machines inside the GTA casino games are attractive due to their quality graphics and 3D designs. Most slot machines have 3 or 5 reels with symbols and blanks and inscriptions on them. Video slots have seven reels with three rows of five images. According to the pay lines rules of that game, you win by matching symbols in particular patterns.

Here is a simple way to play Slots in GTA 5. Go to slot games and follow the instructions. Buy chips, and play the Lucky wheel in the GTA. The slot machine gives you a random opportunity to make some money if you are lucky.

What is BlackJack in GTA 5?

Blackjack is another game you can try. Pay $500 for chips and receive a casino bonus of 1000 chips. You can spin the lucky wheel to win more chips. After that, go to the Blackjack part of the casino. The main goal in the blackjack game is to obtain 21 points from the numbers on the card you receive. If the cards on your hands are above 21 points, you lose.

You play against the dealer in GTA 5, who is also trying to get 21 points. To beat the dealer, you must get exactly 21 points. But for the dealer to defeat you, they must have above 21 points. Assuming the player has 19 and the dealer has points fewer than 19 points, you win. If you and the dealer tally at 21 points, it’s a draw.

What is Three Card Poker in GTA 5?

You could also play three-card poker in GTA 5. To start playing Poker on GTA 5, buy a $500 package and get 5,000 casino chips by following the on-screen instructions or get chips from cashiers in a casino. There are limits on chips you can buy daily.

You play with a deck of cards on three-card poker on GTA 5. You can either compete against a dealer or fellow players. The design of the GTA 5 poker table is like a real poker table in live casino gameplay. Features include logos; the minimum bet is shown near the dealer.

There is a slight difference between GT T5 rules and that of online poker games. In 3 card poker, a straight hand ranks higher than a Flush, Pair, and High card. Three of a kind has a higher rank than a straight. The game doesn’t have two pair hands, no full house, and royal flush.

You could win using two methods. Place a bet in the ante-play Label, or use a pair plus option by betting in a single area. In both methods, you start another round if there is no winner.

What is Roulette in GTA 5?

This is the last game will examine as we learn how to play casino games in GTA 5 online is Roulette. To play the game, buy chips worth $500. The rule for playing this game in the GTA 5 is like that of the actual game. Players wager on numbers, even or odd numbers, red or black, pairs or sets of numbers.

To win a bet, the roulette ball must land on the choice you make. This game is a high-risk one, as you win by luck. The payoff can be high depending on the numbers you pick. If you play with a single number, you can earn up to 35 to 1.