Charming Charlie is a great place to work because you get to be around fashion and how it feels like an all-inclusive club. The company also has great benefits and how they’re growing rapidly in the retail industry. However, there are some cons that come with working at Charming Charlie such as how it’s not really for people who want to stay in one field or how there’s no room for advancement.

Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie is a company that specializes in women’s apparel and accessories. It was founded by sisters Barbara Nachmani and Leslie Nachmani in Houston, Texas on November 1st 1983 with a single shoe rack stocked with 36 pairs of shoes. The company has grown exponentially since then, now operating over 500 stores nationwide as well as in Mexico and Puerto Rico. They’ve never had an unprofitable year and have been rated as one of the best places to work. They were recognized as a great company by Fortune in 2009 and were ranked among U.S. companies like Apple and Nike (Fortune).

The Pros

As with any company, Charming Charlie has many pros that make it a great place to work. One such pro is the fact that you get to be around fashion and how it feels like an all-inclusive club. Fashion is constantly evolving, so working here provides a never-ending learning opportunity. The company also has great benefits, including medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401k matching, and profit sharing. There’s also a generous employee discount on merchandise. They are also working to expand by opening several new stores, some as close as California.

The Cons

There’s always room to grow and learn how the company works, but since it’s such a fast-paced environment, you never really get to stay in one area for very long. Also, there aren’t many career path options after working as a sales associate or cashier.

Salary and benefits information

One of the great things about working at Charming Charlie is how they offer a good salary and benefits. They also have a relaxed dress code, which makes it easy to go from the office to the store. Charming Charlie also provides a 401k as well as other benefits such as health insurance and discounts.


Charming Charlie offers a competitive salary with an average starting salary of $40,000-$50,000 depending on the position.


The hours for managers are 10-45 hours per week and for non-managerial staff its 20-35 hours per week.

How much does Charming Charlie pay

Charming Charlie will pay you around $40,000-$50,000 as a starting salary as a sales associate or cashier. With experience, you could make up to $60,000. They also offer 401k matching and other benefits.

The best way to set goals for yourself as an employee of Charming Charlie

One of the best ways to set goals for yourself as an employee of Charming Charlie is to align your goals with the company’s goals. This will ensure that you’re working towards something that’s important to the company and that you’re motivated to achieve. You can also set personal goals, such as becoming a manager one day or learning about every department in the company. Whatever your goals may be, make sure they are realistic and achievable.


If you’re looking for a company with great benefits and how they are growing in the retail industry, Charming Charlie might be the perfect place to work. But if you want more room for advancement or don’t like how there’s no focus on one field of expertise, then this may not be the right fit. The pros and cons of working at charming charlie should help you decide whether it is the next employer that suits your needs.