Items on Dark Souls 1

There are 10 distinct item categories on Dark Souls 1. Each category has several items, so there’s a total of 322 items in the game.

I have gone through all these items and will be explaining them below!

But first I’d like to give credit where it is due. Everything I say here should be common knowledge to any player of the game, but credit where it is due none-the-less.

The opening cinematic/montage:

The opening cinematic and montage shows the player accessing the item menu and picking up a few random items. It starts off with the Iron Bracelets, then goes to a Soul Arrow, then a Short Bow. Then it quickly switches to a Pyromancy Flame, followed by Chaos Robes before going back to another Short Bow, and finally a Soul Arrow again.

The intro sequence

  • Iron Bracelets
  • Soul Arrow
  • Short Bow
  • Pyromancy Flame
  • Chaos Robes
  • Short Bow
  • Soul Arrow

This is the order that items are picked up in the intro. It’s worth noting that all of these items except for the Soul Arrows are equippable items. The Soul Arrows are the only weapons shown in the intro.

Character Creation

The next scene in the intro is after the player has created their character. They are shown standing in front of a bonfire with a Estus Flask and a Sword by their side. This is important because it shows that the player starts with these two items and no others.

Controls and Combat

The next scene is the player in combat, and it shows the basic controls and how to fight. The player is wielding the Sword from before. This scene is important because it shows that the player starts with this weapon and no others.


After defeating the enemy, the player picks up an item off of the ground. This item is a Soul of a Lost Undead which the player will use to reinforce his Estus Flask. This is important because it shows that the player starts with this and one other item, but not which one.


The next scene is the player summoning Solaire of Astora for help in combat. This is important because it shows the player has learned the “Call Over” gesture and can summon help from other players. It could be inferred that the player must have acquired a Red Eye Orb and used it to invade another world, but we will see below that this isn’t true.

Right before the fight starts you can also see both Solaire and the player have a Golden Ring around their name. This means they are both in “co-operative” mode, which is just another way of saying they are helping each other.

Boss Fight

The next scene is the player fighting the Asylum Demon. This scene is important because it shows one of the first boss fights in the game and introduces the player to some of the mechanics. For example, the player learns that they can roll away from attacks and that shields can block damage.

Dark Souls 1 Demon Great Hammer

Next, the player picks up a Hammer off of the ground. This is important because it shows that the player is not limited to just one weapon anymore, and can switch between two without having to go back to a bonfire. It also shows that you can find items on the ground in this game, which is critical for knowing where to go to find certain items later.


So, as you can see, there are many different items in Dark Souls 1. Some are more important than others, but all of them play a role in the game. Whether it’s in combat or just helping you navigate your way around, every item is critical to your success. Make sure you take the time to learn what each one does and you’ll be able to make it past any obstacle thrown in your way.